Serbia: Sometimes, Dreams DO Come True !

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Under the section / Tab –  ‘Shelters’ at the top of our site, we recently provided a Care2 link regarding Sasha, the Serbian man who has been rescuing stray dogs for years, and who very recently was in dire straits in helping them all; simply feeding them for a start.

Our article (which you can still see under ‘Shelters’ stated:

Subject: This Man is Running Out of Food to Feed 400 Rescued Dogs


Written by Jovana Ivastanin

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Sasha Pejčić is a rare kind of man who has been rescuing dogs in Nis, Serbia for years.

His animal shelter is absolutely breathtaking.   The dogs all follow Sasha around and it’s amazing to watch their interaction with each other. They all eat together peacefully, play, run and sleep together.

Most of the dogs have been taken off of the streets and nursed back to health (as well as spayed and neutered) and now live in a large pack in a disused riding school. At night they sleep in stables in groups of about 15.

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However, Sasha is now facing a major crisis over how to feed these dogs.

The Austrian organization that was supporting him is no longer able to cope with all the financial needs and the dogs did not eat for two days recently. Sasha has now run out of food totally. His four workers who help with the feeding and cleaning have not been paid since the New Year and the rent hasn’t been paid for four months.

Well now (16/05) we have some brilliant news !

Have you heard the news?

Thanks to the amazing Harmony Fund supporters across the planet, 400 dogs living at this cage-free oasis in Serbia are now safe.

Last month, they couldn’t eat for two days due to a financial crisis that gripped the shelter, but with your donations, we sent the first $10,500 this week and another $12,000 will go over to Serbia in June. After that, we’ll be helping on an ongoing basis with a couple thousand dollars a month for the long term to buy food, veterinary care, electricity and worker’s wages to make sure that the dogs here never go hungry again.

The shelter’s founder Sasha does not speak any English, so the news was given to him by translator. It’s heartwarming to see this stoic man who has become so accustomed to suffering try to hold back his emotion as he receives word that the dogs will not go without food ever again.

At the very end of this video clip, Sasha has just a few simple words to express how he feels.

You can watch it here

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Bless you all for making this dream come true – and also thanks to all from SAV.

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