Dont Forget To ‘Daily Click’ – Or If You Dont Already, Please Start Now !

Please join up to; or if you already do it, don’t forget to daily click – your ‘clicks’ can make all the difference – saving sections of the rainforest; feeding rescued primates; fighting global warming and helping children.

Your free click generates donations from our sponsors.

You may click once a day, every dayfor every cause. 100% of the donations raised go directly to the relevant cause.

Each click takes just seconds to do, but together every day we can make a real difference.

Please do not forget to daily click.

Here are our ‘daily click’ sites which we visit and support every single day:

Protect Threatened Wolves  

Defend Baby seals     

Feed rescued primates  

Save the Oceans             

Protect Big Cat Habitat  

Save the Rainforests       

Stop Global Warming

Help Children in Need  


Feed the dogs at ‘Barking Mad’  

Thanks – SAV.

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