Serbia: May Update From Danica At Cat Shelter Felix. – The Biggest Problems Are Yet to Come !

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23rd May 2013.

Here is the latest update from Danica about the situation at Cat Shelter Felix.

As you can read, the repair work is just ongoing, and so donations towards helping with the costs are always welcome.

If you would like to donate, then please go to the links at the end of the latest news from Danica.

The Biggest Problems Are yet to Come

This year’s round of shelter repairs is currently well underway. Paving of the sheltered area under the eaves is finally finished and we’ve already undertaken our next challenge – fixing the only cat room in the front yard. Not until the workers began to rip out the ceiling were we aware of its true condition and the real reason why that huge bump had formed in it months ago.  The old saying “You never know what lies beneath” takes on a whole new meaning during repairs at Felix shelter.

Like all of the other auxiliary rooms, the one in question has originally been made of reeds and rammed earth, with random bricks scattered here and there. The ceiling sagged down because the roof was leaking water and not only that, the rammed earth and reeds became wet and heavy, which has caused one of the beams carrying the weight of the roof to frighteningly bend down in the middle. That particular beam lies on top of the walls and supports the structural roof beams so it can’t be replaced, as the entire structure would fall down otherwise.

Nevertheless, it can stay as it is without causing any additional problems. OSB sheathing has already been placed above, and an insulating layer of Styrofoam will be attached beneath. After that, special nets will be adhered to both the inner walls and the ceiling and Bavalit, which is a kind of mortar, will be applied afterwards. New electrical installations of cables, plugs and wall sockets will replace the old ones and the best news is that all of the costs of renovating that room in the front yard are covered. Unfortunately, this is just the beginning…








The biggest problem is the roof of the auxiliary rooms itself – half-rotten and cracked in places, it must be replaced entirely, not a single part of it is worth saving. The only cat room in good shape is the last and the biggest one in the backyard, as it was built out of normal building materials just before I moved in a few years ago, so it’s still quite new. Raising enough money to replace the roof sounds like science fiction at the moment, but if we miraculously succeed, there will be plenty of hard work ahead. Additional layers of bricks will be added onto the existing walls and after that, the wooden frame will be placed on top of the bricks to allow the concrete to be poured into it. Once the concrete frame is finished, it will be ready to carry the new roofing. Roof beams and rafters will be set in place to make a new roof structure, which will then be covered with an insulation layer and the final step will be putting up new roof tiles. With this new roofing, all of the auxiliary rooms will be ready for next winter.

However, if the lack of funds prevents us from accomplishing what we have planned, Felix kitties will be facing an extremely uncertain future.  We can try and put a nylon cover under the old roof that is already leaking in multiple places, hoping  that the water won’t continue soaking the ceilings of the  auxiliary rooms, but this patched up roof can’t reasonably be expected to  endure another snow.  The longer we wait, the greater the risk we run that this rotten roofing will collapse in on the cats and everything will fall apart. It’s been said a long time ago that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure…

Please, help us if you possibly can! Felix kitties look pampered and happy, without a care in the world, but their lives will change dramatically if the roof above the rooms they eat and sleep in caves in. Some of them are very old or chronically ill, while others are very young, they have all been through a lot before they arrived here, and now the question is just how many hardships these delicate, brave little creatures can endure in their lifetime. After all of the misery, fear, violence and hopelessness they were forced to experience, they have found their safe haven that gave their lives a completely new dimension.  It would be so unfair to let anything shatter their hope again…

Together, we can make their fairy tale last! Every little bit helps!






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Please give a donation if you are able – anything will help, no matter what the size.

Thank You – SAV.

Its Christmas

Serbia / UK: New Facebook Site – ‘Help The Pozega Dogs’.

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Our (SAV) past posts on this particular issue:


The latest news from Slavica today (23/05) is that there is very little in the way of positive change.


We made contact with Lucy here in London yesterday; and Lucy has sent us some great information about the work she is doing for the Pozega dogs. 

Lucy has established a Facebook page called ‘Help the Pozega Dogs’ and the following are all links which we encourage you to view and help with.



Help Pozega Dogs

Facebook –

Recent photos from the shelter:

About This group is created to help volunteers from Belgrade HumAnimal who rescue dogs from the Pozega horror shelter in Serbia. It is estimated over 7000 dogs have already been killed there and it is well known the animals are tortured and literally starved – we are trying to save as many as possible by reserving them vetting them/placing them in private kennels and finding them fosters or adopters.

We will raise funds, build awareness and assist with lobbying the government.

This infamous torture dog pound ironically called “Our Home”:

– is catching dogs from 7 cities in Serbia
– after a few weeks dogs are killed with t61 injenction and no preparation
– or they are strangled or beaten!!!
– dogs are literally starved before they die
– most dogs can no longer walk
– and can barely lift their heads

Pups only couple of months old are curled up on the ground and do not react any more to the human voice.




It is well known that the shelter supervisor and the veterinarian torture the dogs. There are 20 criminal charges against the management of the pound, but they continue to catch and kill these poor animals.

– it is thought around 300-400 dogs are killed per month.
– Local Authorities pay 100 euros per dog to the pound!
– it means they earn around 400.000 euros for year

**  In the last 2 weeks 57 dogs have been saved by Belgrade group HumAnimal and we are now raising funds for 20 more!!!! (10 more this week/10 next) **

– many of those saved have a serious health problems, due to being saves and sterilisations performed by incompetent veterinarians.
– some are fighting for their lives
– 4 have very sadly died due to having been starved or distemper


DONATE to paypal –




HumAnimal has saved over 250 dogs from Pozega so far and also from other kill shelters and or where dogs are being killed but live in horrible conditions as Stara Pazova, Rakovica in Belgrade etc – approx 400 dogs rescued in total.

Over 250 dogs have been adopted in Italy, some in Germany and some in Serbia.

We will not tolerate any profanities or arguing on this site. We are all here to help these poor dogs and will use all our energy and resources solely for that goal.