England (UK): Dover Live Exports Demo Report for August 2013 – With Video Link at End – Watch the Speakers.


From KAALE in Kent, Englandhttp://www.kaale.org.uk  

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Vita KAALE Logo 9 9 2011

Live Exports Monthly Demonstration – August Report

On Saturday 3rd August, about 200+ people attended a rally against live animal exports outside of Dover Eastern Dock.

The atmosphere was electric and we had great pleasure in being there amongst all you like minded compassionate people working for a ban on exports.

The second in command (deputy CEO) from the RSPCA, along with the chief inspector for the South East (of England) and various other RSPCA workers all attended.

It was great to see support from county Green party supporters, including Mr Ian Driver who has been so prominent in the Ramsgate harbour campaign, which has now forced the trade to return back to Dover.

The rally was completely peaceful (as was the aim) campaigners and received lots of support from the passing public on this Saturday, which was also the busiest day of the year for people going on holiday through Dover harbour to Europe.

Our aim of the demonstration was to raise awareness amongst the general public using the harbour that live animals are still being exported from Dover – as there are millions of people out there that don’t even know it (live export) is still going on; the way the coalition government would like it to remain; with people being hidden from the truth.

After the deputy chief executive of the RSPCA had spoken and re-committed the charity to the campaign, Claire Hawkins, the Labour candidate for the Dover area at the next general Election, gave a rousing speech on why the trade should be stopped, followed by Ian and Reg (both of KAALE) who also seemed well on form.

Various councillors from Dover District Council were also in attendance and the council are holding an investigation into the trade in September with a view to calling for a ban from them. KAALE hope to give evidence against the trade at this, and as you know, we have a lot of that.

The RSPCA and Compassion In World Farming (CIWF) are also to be asked to put forward their findings, and we feel confident that a motion to get behind the campaign which is being put forward by the Labour wing of the council will go through.

Major Live Export Demo – LONDON – Sat 10th August – Covent Garden Start

CIWF are holding a march in London on Saturday 10th August 2013 to carry the message into the capital. It starts at Covent Garden at 1130am and the aim is to walk to Trafalgar Square. 

Go to the CIWF web site at http://www.ciwf.org.uk/  to find out more.  Here you can also send a message to David heath MP asking that he stops hiding behind EU law and changes the UK law associated with the 1847 Act.

Yes, current EU law prevents the UK government from banning live exports altogether. BUT if local authorities were given more power over the trade they allow through their ports (as with an update to the UK 1847 Act), then this could still end live exports – and it would be perfectly legal under EU law.

Live exports: Tell David Heath to stop hiding behind EU law

A UK law that is over 160 years old, the Harbours, Docks and Piers Clauses Act 1847, means that public ports across Britain have no say in whether they wish to accept the trade in live animal exports.

We know that many Port Authorities would rather not allow shipments of live animals. But as long as this outdated legislation remains on the books, their hands are tied.

The UK Farming Minister, David Heath MP (a Liberal Democrat MP and part of the Lib Dem / Conservative coalition government), needs to stand up and take a lead on this issue by amending the 1847 Act which forms part of UK Law.

He has the power to make a significant change for farm animal welfare.

But David Heath and his colleagues at Defra, the Government Department that oversees live exports, don’t seem to understand what we are calling for.

They believe that amending the 1847 Act would be a ban on live exports – and illegal under EU law.  As always, the Conservatives want to blame the EU for everything whilst continually failing to take action under UK law which they are able to do.

Watch The Dover speakers from Saturday 3rd August, along with lots of other Ramsgate and Dover live animal export footage, by clicking on the following link:-


SAV Founder Mark is also the EU Correspondent and Web person for KAALE – live animal exports being his other ‘Hate’ ! – see more under ‘About Us’.

The following 5 photos are with thanks to Graham – and thereafter by Valerie Cameron (KAALE):

d Aug 1

d Aug 4

d Aug 3

d Aug 2

d Aug 5

Lesley last 5

VC 005 rs

8 hours logo

The 8 Hours Maximum Journey Time Campaign

Visit the EU wide 8 hours site at  http://www.8hours.eu/  for news on the EU wide maximum 8  hour transport campaign.

 Other SAV live export links associated with the 8 hours campaign for a maximum journey time of 8 hours:

For English supporters action only:



For UK and all EU citizens:







You can E MAIL the Dover Harbour Board (DHB), UK Minister David Heath (the government person responsible for allowing the trade in animals out of Dover) and also the main Dover using regular ferry companies (who do NOT carry live export animals on their ships) to ask them not to remain involved with the trade, or to (in the case of the ferry companies), put more pressure on the Harbour Board and Minister Heath.

E mails to:

For Dover Harbour Board (DHB) the e mail address is


For David Heath – UK government Minister for agriculture, there are two e mail addresses



defra.helpline@defra.gsi.gov.uk  – for this one please put in the subject box

‘for the attention of the Rt. Hon David Heath MP’

This is the sample letter that can be sent to the DHB and Mr Heath MP / Minister:



Dear Sir/Madam,

My family and I would like to protest about the sailings from Dover port of the Live Export ship ‘Joline’, and the refusal of the port (DHB) to allow the RSPCA to monitor the animals before they are loaded onto the ship ‘Joline’ for export to Europe. We understand that government reps ‘Animal Health’ (AHVLA) are present at each sailing, but we do not trust them to do an decent job.  This was proven at Ramsgate port in the recent past.

We believe this is an unnecessary and cruel trade that brings shame on Dover port and the town of Dover. That the trade is legal we do not dispute, but believe that the exporters should be discouraged from shipping these animals live and concentration instead should be given to a carcass only trade.  Exports ‘on the hook’ rather than ‘on the hoof’.

From recent incidents at Ramsgate port it is obvious live animals cannot be transported on long journeys without fear, stress and even pain being caused to them; and even though they are going to slaughter.  We, as allegedly humane and compassionate beings should be looking for ways to minimise these conditions and the suffering imposed on defenceless animals which are sent live for export.

We believe that a carcass only trade would not only save animals but would also create more British jobs in a time when we are fighting for our economic stability.

The ‘processing’ of animals could be undertaken here in the UK rather than exported with the animals into Europe.

Mr Cameron the Prime Minister (Conservative); promised an open government that will listen to the opinions of the general public, and we know many people feel as we do.

Dover Harbour Board prides itself with a prestigious port that is the gateway to the UK. How does this trade in the export of live animals, which no other port in the UK wants, help maintain this image?

Your comments would be appreciated!

Yours Faithfully

xxx xxx



This is the sample letter that can be sent to the main Dover using ferry companies, asking them to put pressure on the DHB: 

IMPORTANT – Note that these ferry companies have ALREADY STOPPED carrying live animals on their ships to Europe for slaughter; they are simply very major users of the port and its facilities.


E mails to:

For P&O ferries


For DFDS ferries there are two

mailto:dover.pax@dfds.com  and







Dear Sir/Madam,

As you are probably very aware Dover Harbour Board (DHB) are now accommodating the Live Export ship ‘Joline’ for transporting live animals for slaughter to the mainland continent of Europe.

This is a very contentious trade which most of the British public find repugnant.

My family and I understand that you, as one of the principal regular users / customers of the port of Dover, do not ship these animals on your vessels and we thank you for this.

However, we are asking you, as one of the main users of the (Dover) port to use your voice and influence in asking the Harbour Board to do everything in its power to discourage the live animal exporters from using Dover.

That this live animal trade brings disrepute to Dover port is without question, but we believe this will also impact on your company services as people will instead choose the Channel tunnel to avoid the possibility of seeing these unfortunate creatures being transported in this manner from Dover on the ‘Joline’.

After recent incidents at Ramsgate harbour that proved without doubt that live transportation causes animal fear, stress and sometimes pain, the exporters have turned their gaze once again back to Dover in a bid to avoid the scrutiny of the general public and the RSPCA who found very many infringements in this so called ‘legal trade’ operating from Ramsgate.

We beg you to help with your undoubted influence in the port of Dover and complain to the port authorities (DHB) about your businesses being brought into a bad light because of this little live animal transporting ‘barge’ that should be without doubt judged unsuitable to cross the busiest shipping lane in the world; the English Channel.

We believe that a carcass only trade would not only save animals but would also create more British jobs in a time when we are fighting for our economic stability.

The ‘processing’ of animals could be undertaken here in the UK rather than exported with the animals into Europe.

Export animals ‘on the hook’, not ‘on the hoof’ !


Thank you;

Yours Faithfully,



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