Worldwide Issues: Petitions To Sign.

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Reproduced from Paola at World Wide – Legal Action 4 Animal Rights – Daily Digest for 3/14/2014  

Public Statement in Defense of Whales, the Principles of Scientific Research and Peace in Antarctic, deadline March 31 2014, needs a total of 100.000 signatures!  

Suspend Wolf Hunting and Trapping in Minnesota. Int. protest  

Oppose S. 1996, S. 1335 and all related Sportsmen’s bills! US 

Protest the dog meat trade – write to the President of the Philippines! 

Give the Romanian Dogs a Chance to Live!  Still needs more signatures!  Increase punishment for Dogfighting!   

More signatures needed!

As well!   


Spain, Rector of the University of Seville: do not let bullfighter El Juli teach at the University of Sevilla!   BSL  

Turkey,  we oppose the seizure of stray animals which were cared for, in Pendik!

More signatures needed  

More signatures needed!   ……   Just a few more signatures!


       ==============    News, video’s, poll’s  =============   

Building a new Shelter! Romania

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