Serbia: Message from ‘Felix’ Shelter – Can You Donate To Buy Us Some Roof Guttering ? – Please Help – Thank You.



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Dear all – here is a new message from Danica at Felix shelter.  Using the link blow; please donate anything you can – the small donations all add up to become a good total in the end !

Please help – Thank You. SAV.

The Youcaring site / link below is a secure site – the money will go directly to the shelter to pay for the guttering:


Please network, share and help if you can! It’s an emergency!

Dear friends, I guess you already know that we’ve been struggling with the roof renovation for more than two months now and the biggest problem, as usual, is the lack of funds.

Last years’ generous donation (for which we’re immensely grateful) covered the costs of the new roof itself, but with so many problems arising one after the other since the repair work began, we’re running into big debts yet again and there’s no end in sight.

As if it weren’t enough, the weather is definitely not on our side; it’s been raining extremely heavily over the last couple of weeks and we still have no gutters on the new roof, nor the money to purchase about 34 meters of it!

Our backyard is turning into a swampy muddy mess whenever it rains, all of the dividing walls and the brick watering station with the faucet are now covered with moss, algae or whatever this nasty, slimy, green sludge is, the first neighbour’s garage is now flooded and all of this because we have no gutters to manage the water!

We urgently need around 540 euros to purchase the gutters so that life can get back to normal again. I simply can’t borrow any more money right now, I’m already in debt up to my eyeballs!

Every dime and nickel helps and time’s running out on summer.


















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