Serbia: Latest News UPDATE 2/8/14 – Subotica Mayor Rejects Cancellation of Memorandum Regarding Animal Treatment. Petition Continues.

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Our original post on this issue can be viewed at:

The latest update (un edited) from Andrea is as follows:

Mayor responded with a NO – he won’t cancel the Memorandum. Dear supporters of this petition, On July 28 we received the response from the Mayor. He wrote that he stands behind every line of Memorandum and it won’t be changed, nor cancelled.

He also wrote that it is an Act signed in order to improve relation, development and cooperation between two sides (City and NGO “Anima”) and its purpose is not aimed at regulating a particular area – in this case the activity of zoohygiene.
He then noted the Acts of City Subotica which closely regulate this specified field. As for the CNR program, he states it was listed as an option in the Memorandum in case there are no possibilities to accommodate all captured dogs in the city asylum; and is not listed as a solution to the problem of stray cats and dogs.
He admits there is a problem of irresponsible owners but that is not the subject of Memorandum.
In the end he said he is open to cooperation and invites us to continue to participate in solving the problem of stray animals.

Ironic, isn’t it?

Personal remark  –  I have to point out is the whole purpose of this Memorandum “development and cooperation between the City and a particular NGO”. If it’s not providing the solution to this problem, what’s the point in having this Memorandum and why it is not including all NGOs who will then cooperate (in full meaning of that word) to provide ultimate solution that will benefit both the animals & the citizens of this town?

What we did next is we sent the letter to the Mayor – again.

“Association for the Protection of Animals “Pets Are Worth Saving”, “EPAR – OIPA SERBIA / Alliance for the Conservation of nature, animal rights and the rights of people, and the Society for the Protection of Animals “Alex”, Shelter Alex hereby inform that we stand by our Request for the cancellation of Memorandum because it is completely ineffective and in its crucial part promotes illegal treatment of dogs and cats in Subotica, as well as public money and personal money of sincere donors. The same does not obligate anyone to anything nor is followed by anyone’s responsibility. We also expand our Request and demand the cancellation of sections 6 and 7 in the part of ‘measures’ for the implementation of the Program for the control and reduction of stray cats and dogs population because they are in contradiction with sections 2 and 3 of the Article 7 of the Animal Welfare Act, which is valid from 10.06.2009., without delay.”

The petition will remain open, so please continue to sign and share it on all social networks you use.

I will update you on further happenings.


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Thank you all for the support. ~Pets Are Worth Saving