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The Battle To End The Dog Meat Trade Continues…

Dear Mark,

Because of you great progress has been made in stopping the illegal trafficking of dogs from Thailand to Vietnam. You have saved the lives of hundreds of thousands of dogs!

For me, the story of Bob underscores the importance of what you are accomplishing…

Bob was rescued from dog thieves and taken to a shelter in NE Thailand funded by Soi Dog supporters. Bob suffered spinal injuries when the cage he was in was brutally loaded onto a truck.

After being freed from the cage he’d been crammed into alongside with ten other dogs, Bob’s back legs were no longer working.

Thanks to you, Bob is little by little, day by day slowly learning to walk again. Please take a moment and watch this inspiring video of Bob’s road to recovery…

 watch Bob’s video

Many battles have been won but the war to end the dog meat trade is far from over. Following success in all but stopping the trade to Vietnam, smugglers have now changed tactics and are smuggling live dogs to China through Thailand’s Northern provinces. Just last month the dogs you see below were rescued from a truck destined to China.

Thailand’s current military administration who are doing much to stamp out corruption in Thailand are giving strong support in bringing the trade to an end.

Last month locals in the Vietnam village where most dogs stolen from Thailand were taken prior to moving to Hanoi and elsewhere, confirmed that they are no longer seeing dogs arriving from Thailand. In the past several trucks a day, each carrying hundreds of dogs from Thailand would stop and the dogs would be force fed and graded. The Thai Veterinary Association estimated that around 500,000 Thai dogs per year were going to Vietnam!

But, stopping the dog meat trade and caring for the rescued dogs is expensive.

In Thailand alone over $700,000 per year is being spent caring for rescued dogs, on undercover investigations and on public awareness/education.

Only because of your support is the war being won and only with your continued support will the dog meat trade be brought to an end.

My thanks to those of you who have become regular monthly members of the Magic 1000 Club. It is only because of your continued support that the work to end the dog meat trade continues and the rescued dogs are cared for.

The costs involved in ending the trade are huge. If you have not already done so please join the Magic 1000 Club today and join us in bringing an end to the dog meat trade.

From Bob and the thousands of other rescued dogs, thank you.

Best Wishes,

John Dalley


P.S. Please be sure to watch Bob’s video to better understand the urgent need for your regular support in helping end the dog meat trade and care for the dogs rescued.

US Residents – Soi Dog is a registered charity in the USA and your donation is tax deductible to the full extent allowed by US law.

United Kingdom Residents – Soi Dog is a registered charity in the UK and your donation qualifies for HMRC gift aid.


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Namibia: Put an End to Namibian Seal Clubbing – Petition To Sign – Please Act Now !




Namibia seal clubbing

Photo:John Giustina/Getty Images

Put an End to Namibian Seal Clubbing


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Earthrace Conservation hopes to bring about lasting change that will benefit marine life and the oceans.

About the PetitionEach year beginning July 1, a quota of 80,000 Cape fur seal pups are set to be beaten to death in Namibia. The pups are separated from their mothers. They are herded away from the safety of the sea, then beaten to death with pick handles. They are stabbed in the throat, often while still alive.We can beat this cruelty.A further quota of 6,000 adult bull seals will be set in Namibia. These are to be shot at point-blank range so that their genitals can be exported to the East, where they will be used to make ineffective sex potions for the Asian market.

You can help put an end to this! 

To: The Hon. Bernhard Esau, Minister of Fisheries and Marine Resources, NamibiaWith Namibia facing mounting public outcry and increasing consumer boycotts, we the undersigned are urging the Hon. Minister Bernhard Esau to immediately end the annual bloodbath, protect the seals with effective new legislation, and allow all Namibians to benefit from this magnificent tourist draw card.Sincerely,[Your name here] 

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