England: Take Action Now for A One Off Maximum Journey Time for Farm Animals Throughout the EU of 8 Hours.




The following was made by good friend and campaigner Ian Driver at Ramsgate harbour (Kent, England) on 29/8/14.

It shows truckloads of British sheep being exported by the Dutch for slaughter in mainland Europe.  An English Channel crossing to France of over 8.5 hours !!


We need the 8 hour maximum journey time in the EU to stop this.  Please take action now as detailed below:

We would encourage (especially) All EU Citizens and also NON EU Citizens to mail Commissioner Borg Immediately.

Read On for Instructions.


Onderwater Dover 2nd May 2013

Above – The ‘standard’ of some Dutch animal export trailers being used in 2014 to carry British sheep to Mainland Europe.  Photographed at Dover harbour, Kent, England.

Allegedly covered by and compliant with EU standards – Regulation 1/2005.

Photo – Val Cameron.


Dear all;

I would encourage any resident of the EU who is concerned about long distance farm animal transport to send a copy of the following pdf directly to Commissioner Borg as per the instructions below.

I am now working independently through my own site, SAV, regarding amongst other things, EU live farm animal legislation changes to work in support of a one off 8 hour maximum journey time.

By doing this, I have pulled out from all direct UK live export campaigning.

Legislation to greatly reduce journey times and / or amend Regulation 1/2005 (the current EU rules on live farm animal transport hours) can ONLY be changed directly by the EU Commission; and certainly NOT by the UK government or any other independent EU member state government alone.

So, I personally feel that there is only one option; get aim directly at the EU Commission and get the hours reduced THROUGHOUT the EU for ALL EU farm animals in transport.

We need to take the campaign directly to Brussels and the people (ie. Commissioner Borg) who can amend EU wide legislation to reduce all journey times down to a one off maximum of eight (8) hours; and thus get the best deal possible for animals undergoing international transportation.  Any subsequent changes to Regulation 1/2005 will then affect ALL animals in transport within the whole of the EU, not just those going through Ramsgate and Dover in the UK – such as calves from Ireland to Cherbourg, France, and pigs from the Netherlands down to Spain, as just a couple of dozens of examples.

I hope the attached pdf link below currently explains the existing situation for the 8 hours campaign, and particularly, why we need more than ever now to push the EU Commission to act rather than our own rather limp UK government.


Attached above is a sample letter link (supplied as a pdf) which can be sent directly to the EU Commissioner (Borg) who holds the keys to amending the current legislation – Regulation 1/2005.


Simply undertake the following easy steps to make your voice heard at the EU Commission please:


Click on the Commissioners spokesperson e mail address to get a new e mail widow.

This is:  frederic.vincent@ec.europa.eu

Then also to this same e mail attach a copy of the SAV headed letter (link below) which is supplied as a pdf document.  Simply attach the link to the letter.:


Finally, as part of the same e mail, give your own:

  • name,
  • address or postcode, and
  • your nationality – really helpful if you are an existing EU citizen; although we would also encourage the letter to be sent in to Commissioner Borg by non EU residents.

Then finally click again to send – that’s all that is required – a matter of seconds to complete it all.

Consideration Issue About 8 Hours:

Sheep export consignment from Ramsgate, Kent, England to Calais, France,

on 29/8/14:

Remember – the shipment of 6 sheep transporters from Ramsgate to (Calais) France on 29/8/14 took around 8.5 hours to complete its Channel crossingThis crossing IS under EU law counted as part of the overall journey time.

Thus, if we had a maximum one off journey time of 8 hours; the crossing of 29/8 would have gone over the maximum time allowed as a one off consignment.  Add to this the time taken to initially get to Ramsgate by the transporters, and their continuation once arrived in Calais; and, under any 8 hours regulations, the trucks would never have reached Ramsgate in the first place; let alone cross the Channel ! – The shipment would never have taken place.

Hence why the 8 hours maximum campaign is so important; but this can ONLY be addressed and acted on by the EU Commission; NOT the limp UK government.

Thanks and regards; please send your letter link to Commissioner Borg right now !


SAV Founder.


sept 9 19

 Above – An EU ‘Regulation compliant’ trailer operated in 2014 by a Dutch haulier exporting British sheep to mainland EU.

Known to all as the ‘wonky roof’; is this how animals are allegedly ‘protected’ during transport by current EU Regulations ? – It is a disgrace on the name of the EU and animal welfare legislation.



Photo – Val Cameron.