UK – The DHT Gets a Major Boost for Non Animal Testing Diabetes Research

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UK – The DHT Gets a Major Boost for Non Animal Testing Diabetes Research

The Dr Hadwen Trust (DHT) is delighted to announce it will fund a three-year programme at the Glasgow Caledonian University Skin Research Tissue Bank (STB) to provide human skin tissue and cells that can be used for multiple studies related to diabetes.

Traditionally, strains of genetically modified mice and rats are bred for diabetes research with over 92,000 animals used per year worldwide. Using human tissue gives a much better idea of how drugs can be developed and also helps save the lives of many animals.

The Glasgow Caledonian University STB currently supports several different projects into diabetic wound healing, vascular problems with diabetes, diabetic retinopathy and cellular ageing. The DHT funding will help them to develop new types of human cell models that can replace animal experimentation.

You can read more on this exciting project on our website.

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