England: Well very soon we will be preparing to publish our 2,000th post for SAV.


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Published in August 2014.

Well very soon we will be preparing to publish our 2,000th post for SAV.

As of 21/8/2014 we have the following figures for the site:




Looking back, there are mixed feelings on my part about it all.  I can cast my mind right back to the start when Slavica contacted me (I don’t know how she found out about me or my contact details – that’s the AR movement for you !) asking basically for some help from an English speaker  and old codger / campaigner regarding helping Serbian stray animals.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EO_6qmBHLbo

Almost immediately, I thought it would be a good idea to set up a site through which we could campaign to the Serbian government and authorities by the written word; whilst at the same time having some kind of documented ‘record’ of all the things we were getting involved with.


Above – Helping with the campaigns to save the beautiful Wolves of the USA.

So after a little trawling around looking for a suitable site which could be used for this purpose; things progressed in a haphazard way and the fledgling ‘Serbian Animals Voice’ was started.  Initially for the first few years; it was really only / specifically Serbian stray animals that really were the focus of attention on the site – that’s what it was formed for after all.  Slavica would provide information, evidence and photographs; and I would attempt to document this onto the site; our main aim / focus being directed at Serbian regional authorities and the main government.  I guess you could say that in those early days; still like today, we were up for the fight and did everything we could to inform the government  (and all our visitors to the SAV site) about the terrible situation for stray animals in Serbia.

In a strange way; for me, SAV became yet another ‘plate’ to be kept spinning on the poles named collectively as ‘animal welfare campaigning’.  At the time of founding SAV, I was massively involved with live animal transport investigations and campaigning in the EU; something which is still a very major issue with me to this very day.  I was holding down a rather demanding job involved with military combat aircraft, as well as doing undercover investigations into live horse exports from the UK to mainland Europe for slaughter; although this was not what the official paperwork declared !.  During holiday breaks from rather stressful work, I would head off into Europe to team up with UK national animal welfare groups doing major campaigning on factory farming issues – you can see more at ‘About Us’ on this site.   We also did other work at the same time; checking out this and that; sniffing around as they say !.  Oh, and I was also a few years into then being diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) also; probably was (and still very much is)  the biggest pain in the butt you could ever imagine – avoid it if you can.  Days were very long and rather demanding; it was quite simply, a case of keeping all the different plates spinning in the hope that nothing would drop and smash.







Below – A baby calf gets its revenge for being exported from the UK to Europe – It puts Prime Minister (then) John Major into the veal crate to see how he likes it ! – campaigning at Dover harbour, Kent, England.

calf revenge major.jpg_NEW

Below – Live Animal Export campaigning at the EU Parliament; Brussels, Belgium

live export campaign brussels


Above – Little ‘Shadow’ the kitten as rescued by Danica at Felix Shelter, Serbia.  For more, visit:

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Slavica (in Serbia) and I (England) have always worked along the lines of not necessarily having to say much to each other about things, but each of us knowing exactly what the other means and needs to get across to politicians; SAV site visitors, etc.  A kind of ‘sixth sense’ where we can communicate outside of the normal ‘box’ and yet still fully understand what we are both aiming for with regard publicity.  Since founding SAV, it has been a real pleasure to watch Slavica go from a person who only wrote very ‘pigeon English’ to someone who now has an excellent grasp of the language; so much better than my Serbian !!  Today we are able to communicate in a way that did not exist in the early days of SAV.  The sixth sense still comes into play all the time in an endeavour to make a good site post from the information that is provided.

I have witnessed Slavica have some very serious health issues in the early years of SAV; life threatening issues to be frank; but her determination to continue the fight for animals, combined with a very healthy non animal diet, have supported her in growing stronger day by day; to the point where once again now, she is a real powerhouse to be up against in Serbia – god help any politicians out there is all I can say !! – I wish her the very best in both health and campaigning and I hope she continues to be an animals voice for many years to come; I know she will.


Above – Mark’s Beautiful dog – ‘Golda’.

A few years ago I decided that it was time to ‘open up’ SAV and to ‘spread wings’ a lot more re covering many global animal issues.  Things were going well in Serbia regarding campaigning thanks to Slavica and many others; and by covering more global issues we had the potential to reach out to many more people on a global basis; to inform them of the cruelties which exist anywhere and everywhere in the world – animal cruelty has no bounds.  Serbia as always, remains the main nation that we draw animal attention to when it is required; after all, that’s what SAV was originally founded for; but I hope you will agree; moving on to now cover other international animal welfare issues gives much more of an ‘openness’ to the site.

The live animal export work continues for me with SAV now focussing all its attention on EU campaigning for new and improved regulations for live animal transport.  We also attempt to help and support shelters in Serbia such as the brilliant ‘Felix shelter’ for ex street cats which is run by Danica.

China Yulin dog

Above – Far East dogs going for slaughter and human consumption.

So now, I look back over many years and personal photograph albums of all the various campaigning both here in the UK, the EU and sometimes in the USA; and simply ask myself; ‘has it all been worth it ?’.

The answer is ‘yes’, very much worth it.

Below – an impromptu demo for the BUAV at the Mauritanian Embassy, London; calling for the Mauritian government to stop the supply of research primates to European laboratories.

primate trade demo london.jpg

Below – Our very impressive ‘sad lab primate’  on the day – a costume worn by one very agile campaigner, who then decided to climb the street lamps etc to get some additional attention – the press guys loved it !!

primate demo model.jpg

It has taken its physical  toll over some 35 years or so, going back to the lad of 17 when I attended my first big demo in London town against the Chinese cat and dog meat trade.  Always supported by a very pro-welfare family, I was encouraged to hit the streets and be a voice for the voiceless.  Over the years I have laughed, cried, hugged, and done 1,001 other things with all the great friends that I have met down the road of animal rights / welfare.  Good people all of them; and regardless of the titles which the press and media sometimes like to give them, they are all the most compassionate and caring folk you could ever wish to meet – protecting animals from cruelty is their thing; and that is a pretty good string to have to your bow in my opinion.  One big win we had was in stopping the annual Russian seal hunt – it involved working with good friend Robert; the main man; and several trips to Downing Street and the EU Parliament in Brussels; but in the end, thanks to Bobs massive and dedicated input on being the voice; the Russian seal cull was stopped !

Mark and Robert Downing Street

Above – Mark (SAV Founder – left – Russian Sealer), Mark Watts MEP (centre) and Robert (Right) Campaign for Russian Seal Pups Prior to Entering Downing Street, London.

Below – A typical Russian seal farm – pups taken from the wild as ‘Whitecoats’ and held until their coats turn the ‘right’ colour (known as ‘beaters’) – then they are slaughtered to make fur hats !

Russian seal farm

Below – A Very young Baby Whitecoat pup is netted up and made ready to be airlifted back to the seal farm (see above picture)

EU seal pups robert.jpg_NEW_0001

Below – After Downing Street campaigning (see above) we move on to the European Parliament in Brussels to further the Russian seal pup campaign – Top seal pup campaigner Robert is bottom centre holding the ‘Shame’ banner – Mark is back right (of ‘Ruthless banner) with baseball cap.

EU seal pups robert.jpg_NEW

So here we are today, with the world still full of animal abuse and cruelty.  As with many global conflicts at present, you have to ask yourself if there is ever any chance of things improving.  On the animals front, I think so – the road to improving welfare and conditions can be a very long and arduous one; but on the occasions when you do get some positive results; you feed on it; brush yourself down, turn the page and carry on setting your focus on the next targets.

dog save 3

Above – one lucky rescued dog in the Far East.

 I hope that with SAV as it is, we are keeping you informed about some global welfare issues.  We miss a lot; hands up and openly admit that; but we are doing what we can given the situation and resources we find ourselves in.  When I look at my beautiful ‘Golda’ who passed last December, as well as a wonderful dog; I see and have respect for an animal that is innocent and needs protection – an animal that needs someone to care for its welfare and most importantly, to speak up and show the real truth when the abusers come to town.  SAV have never shirked from exposing the bad sides of animal cruelty; and it will continue to do that.  The world is not full of shiny, happy people; some, and it is just some; get a real kick out of abusing innocents such as baby calves; seals; foxes, anything that is sentient and suffers just like you and I if we were kicked, burnt, clubbed, experimented upon and the rest.

Who knows what the future holds for SAV ? – it will continue to attempt to be a voice for the voiceless; exposing the work undertaken by so many good folk across the world who like us, abhor seeing animals suffer.

Di BD 7

We will continue to fight the fight for them; regardless of the outcome.

That’s just the way we are !

Thanks for sticking with us through good and bad;

Regards Mark

SAV founder; Kent England.

Sadly, for many animals throughout the world, in intensive farming systems, enduring long distance transport to slaughter, suffering in fur farms, labs, aquariums, zoos etc, the following is very far from the truth:



baby deer 1

IMGP0924 resize jpg

earth butterfly



elephant obama ndrc

Photo: NRDC



The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service is preparing to issue regulations to crack down on the skyrocketing trade in elephant ivory, which led to the deaths of more than 30,000 elephants in 2012. But special interest groups like the NRA are fighting to weaken or delay those rules. Urge President Obama and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to stand strong and propose tough protections right now that will rein in the U.S. ivory market — the second largest in the world — and save elephants from extinction.




Source and petition link:



Make Your Voice Heard!

President Barack Obama

Daniel M. Ashe, Director of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service


Propose strong protections now to combat elephant poaching

Dear President Obama and Director Ashe:

*(Consider adding your own thoughts — personalized messages are especially effective.)


I applaud your commitment to end our country’s role in wildlife trafficking. And I am pleased to hear that the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service will soon issue regulations to help end the slaughter of elephants for their ivory. However, I am concerned that these rules might be weakened or delayed due to influence from opposition groups like the NRA. Please don’t let these special interest groups stop you from issuing strong protections soon that will crack down on the U.S. ivory trade and help save elephants from extinction.

More than 30,000 elephants were poached in 2012 for their ivory, leading scientists to estimate that African forest elephants could become extinct within a decade. The United States is contributing to this massacre as the second largest ivory market in the world, with epicenters in New York, Hawaii and California.

Recently, New York State — the country’s largest ivory market — adopted legislation cracking down on ivory sales in that state and strengthening penalties for wildlife traffickers. New Jersey has done the same. Now, it’s time for the Administration to strengthen our nation’s laws at the federal level.

With populations declining rapidly and demand for ivory rising, elephants can’t wait. Please stand strong and follow through with strong safeguards now that will protect elephants from extinction. Thank you.



[Your Name]

[Your Address]

[City, State ZIP]


Source and petition link:


Australia: ‘Animals Australia’ Investigation Reveals Battery Hens ‘Living’ Amongst Towers of Rotting Faeces, Surviving On Scraps, Beetles and Eggs.


What you are about to see has never before been revealed to the public…

If heaven for a bird is sunshine, fresh air, and freedom, then this must be hell.

AA hen in excrement

Her job was to lay eggs for Australia’s biggest egg producer — a company that boasts that its hens are “treated with the greatest of care”. But these unbelievable images captured inside a cage egg farm in rural NSW tell a different story.

This mega factory farm is not only ‘home’ to thousands of hens trapped in cages. But hidden deep in the trenches below them, investigators discovered a prison of a very different kind… Here, dozens of abandoned hens were found ‘living’ among enormous towers of rotting faeces — surviving on scraps, beetles and eggs.

This isn’t the first time we’ve needed to report Australia’s biggest egg producer for neglect and cruelty.

Please take action today to help ensure it is the last.

These birds had been abandoned and forgotten — in a system so cruel — on a factory farm so massive — that the value of individual life is lost and thus the suffering of the individual, overlooked.

It’s shocking to contemplate that these hens stuck in the manure pits were in fact the ‘luckier’ ones. Their caged sisters cannot in any way move freely. They cannot forage. They cannot stretch their wings. They must eat, sleep, defecate and lay their eggs in the same small space — day, after day after day… You’ll no doubt share our dismay that the company profiting from this cruelty carries the ‘stamp of approval’ from the egg industry’s peak body.

According to their website, the ‘Egg Corp Assured’ logo is a sign that eggs are ‘produced under strict guidelines’. Yet just over a year ago the owners of this cage egg facility were fined for multiple violations including illegal overcrowding. Now they are under investigation again. Regardless of whether authorities can compel this cage egg producer to adhere to the law, the suffering of caged hens will continue.

That’s because in Australia battery cages are still legal — despite being banned in many other countries on cruelty grounds. Laws that allow this callous ‘farming’ method to continue were due for review four years ago. But we are still waiting… You and I can vote with our shopping trolley and refuse to buy products of cruelty.

But hens need more than that — they need our voice. Please lend them yours today by demanding a ban on the battery cage in Australia.

Thank you so much for caring, and for giving a few minutes of your time to send an instant message on behalf of hens today.

For the animals,

Lyn White AM Campaign Director

P.S. This hen’s incredible story should never have come to light. It should never have been filmed. It should never have happened. The cruel system that she was born into is now banned in so many countries.

Please send an instant message now to help ban the battery cage in Australia too!




USA: Major Breaking News 21/8/14 – ‘Mercy For Animals’ – Because of your support, we have secured a major victory for animals! – Nestle Introduce Massive Welfare Changes.



SAV Comment:  If every day was as good a news bringer as this; there would be many more good days !! – Congratulations to our friends at MFA – job well done !




Because of your support, we have secured a major victory for animals!

Nestle, the largest food company in the world, has just announced perhaps the single largest and most sweeping corporate animal welfare policy change in history!

The announcement follows a Mercy For Animals undercover investigation late last year that revealed shocking cruelty at a Wisconsin dairy factory farm supplier for DiGiorno Pizza, a Nestle company.

MFA’s undercover footage showed workers kicking, beating, and stabbing cows, and cows who were too sick or injured to stand being callously tortured and dragged by their fragile legs and necks with a chain attached to a tractor.

You helped us push for convictions of four workers charged with criminal animal cruelty at this factory farm and together we won.

Then, bolstered by your support and tens of thousands of petition signatures, we campaigned to convince Nestle to adopt meaningful animal welfare guidelines for its suppliers.

And today we celebrate a monumental success that will reduce the suffering of millions of animals.

Earlier today, Nestle announced landmark new global animal welfare policies to be implemented in each of its hundreds of thousands of supplier farms in 90 countries. Nestle has thousands of suppliers for dozens of brands like Lean Cuisine, Stouffer’s, and Hot Pockets.

Nestle’s global corporate policy change will eliminate particularly cruel practices for cattle, pigs, chickens, and turkeys. Practices like:

  • Dehorning and tail docking of dairy cattle and castration of piglets without painkillers
  • Extreme confinement of calves in veal crates, pigs in gestation crates, and egg-laying hens in battery cages so small they can’t even turn around or stretch their limbs
  • Use of growth promoters that often lead to crippling leg deformities, organ failure, heart attacks, and other obesity-related ailments in animals

We praise Nestle for stepping up to the plate and taking important steps to improve the lives of animals on a global level.

At Mercy For Animals, we are well-known for the impact of our undercover investigations of factory farm cruelty. Our investigations have led to sweeping changes in corporate animal welfare policies, like those adopted by Tyson Foods, Costco, Kmart, and others.

On the heels of Nestle’s announcement, it’s now time for Walmart, McDonald’s, and other global food retailers to stop dragging their feet and implement similar animal welfare standards, and with your help, we will continue to fight for meaningful animal welfare policy chan ge.

We absolutely could not do this work without you.

Thank you for supporting the world-changing work of Mercy For Animals. Please join us in celebrating this landmark success that will reduce the suffering of millions of animals every year. And remember that the most powerful action each of us can take to help protect animals is to adopt a compassionate vegan diet.

For farmed animals everywhere,

Nathan Runkle Executive Director

P.S. There is still much work to be done to eliminate the suffering of animals in factory farms. Please give today — you will help us achieve more victories for farmed animals!


Past SAV posts relating to Mercy For Animals investigation work: