4/8/2014 – UK Remembers Men and Animals Today – 100 Years Since World War 1.



Monday 4th August 2014 – Lights Out Across the UK.

100 Years remembrance of World War 1.



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Great War 1



 I Was There: The Great War Interviews

The Royal British Legion is asking people across the UK to switch off their lights between 22:00 BST and 23:00 BST on Monday and to light candles in a mass act of remembrance.

Blackpool Tower, Westminster Abbey, the Eden Project in Cornwall and the headquarters of the Football Association are among the buildings and organisations taking part to mark the anniversary of Britain joining World War One.

Every household in Britain will be asked to turn out the lights between 10pm and 11pm today to mark the centenary of the First World War.

The nationwide event is designed to echo the words attributed to Sir Edward Grey, Foreign Secretary, on the eve of the conflict: “The lamps are going out all over Europe; we shall not see them lit again in our lifetime.”

Organisers have hailed it as “one of the most dramatic UK-wide events ever organised” in which “people from all four nations will be invited to turn off their lights and to replace them with one single light to remember a day that changed the world forever”.

Germany declared war on France and invaded Belgium on August 3 1914. That evening, Sir Edward Grey gazed across St James’s Park from his window at the Foreign Office as the lamps were being lit on the Mall. He turned to a friend, John Spender, and made his now famous remark.

Great War 3

Great war 4



To commemorate the centennial of Britain’s involvement in the First World War, ceramic artist Paul Cummins and stage designer Tom Piper conceived of a staggering installation of ceramic poppies planted in the famous dry moat around the Tower of London. Titled “Blood Swept Lands and Seas of Red,” the final work will consist of 888,246 red ceramic flowers—each representing a British or Colonial military fatality—that flow through grounds around the tower.

Volunteers began placing the poppies several weeks ago and the process will continue through the summer until a final flower is symbolically planted on November 11th. You can read more about the project over on the Historic Royal Palaces website, and see the volunteers’ progress by following the #TowerPoppies hashtag on Twitter.

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War Horse – remembering the fallen animals that die with soldiers.

 A million horses sent to France between 1914 and 1918.

Only 62,000 returned to the UK.

war horse 2 War horse 1

war horse 3

war horse 4

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Today 4/8/2014 – We pay tribute to all men and animals who died in the worst of all wars.





England: 8/8/14 Is ‘World Cat Day’ – The BUAV Exposes Cats Born To Die In UK Labs – Watch the Footage, Please Sign the Petition – and Lots More.






BUAV Thunderclap


On the 8th of August, cat lovers around the world will celebrate a day dedicated to all things fantastic and fascinating about felines.

There will be homes up and down the UK where cats and kittens are lucky enough to spend their lives protected by the security of a loving family.

Sadly, behind other closed doors – not of homes but of laboratories – there will also be many other cats and kittens suffering in silence. This time last year, one of our investigators, Suzie, was undercover at a MSD Animal Health laboratory and reflects on the time she spent with the kittens used in research. Please read her words and take action to stop this suffering by signing up to our Thunderclap for World Cat Day to raise vital awareness about the investigation and to end these cruel and unnecessary practices.

“Last year I was working undercover at MSD Animal Health and got to know many kittens during my time there, including Ben, Blackberry, Max, Otto, Rollie, Pollie, Simba, Toby, Thomas and George. They were all inquisitive, sweet little kittens, just like the cats so many of us share our homes with.

But sadly these kittens never saw the sky, breathed fresh air or felt the grass beneath their feet. Instead they were used and re-used in experiments and their precious lives terminated. I think about them often  and although we can’t save them, we can save others. Please take action and sign and share our petition today.

The first group of 15 kittens arrived on 13th May 2013 and – without knowing any life outside a laboratory – were killed on 22nd August 2013; their little bodies dissected and then dumped in a bin as waste. They were just 6 months old.

I feel terribly sad for the loss of those 15 little lives. These animals should have been in a loving home, spending their time playing and exploring. They should not have suffered and died in a laboratory. Please take action in their memory today. Action you take really does make a difference to the animals and together we can unite to end the suffering I had to see”.

Please share this message far and wide today.

Thank you.

Earlier this year, a BUAV investigation uncovered the shocking killing of kittens BORN TO DIE in a UK laboratory.

Ben, Blackberry, Max, Otto, Rollie, Pollie, Simba, Toby, Thomas, George.  Inquisitive, sweet little kittens, just like the cats so many of us share our homes with.

But these poor little kittens were tragically born to die at MSD Animal Health, their precious lives terminated after just a few weeks.  They never got to know the love of a human family, the joy of playing outside.  They never saw the sky, breathed fresh air or felt the grass beneath their feet.

Instead they were used and re-used again in experiments.

The kittens arrived at MSD Animal Health at just 8 weeks old, imported from Spain.  At just 10 weeks old staff started taking blood from them, sticking needles into their tiny veins.  Taking blood was a slow process and some of the kittens became distressed.

During the experiments, some of the kittens had ulcers on their tongues or lips. One was lame on her front right foot. Some were subdued while others had lost weight or suffered from very high temperatures of over 41 degrees.

On 22nd August 2013, 15 kittens were killed.  They were less than 6 months old.  Their little bodies dissected and then dumped in a bin as waste.

Please help the BUAV end the appalling killing of kittens, puppies and other animals BORN TO DIE in UK laboratories.

Sign the petition: http://bit.ly/MSDanimalhealth

Watch our film: http://youtu.be/Md69-iY84f0

Find out more: http://ourbestfriends.org/born-to-die

Like us on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/TheBUAV

Follow us on Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/TheBUAV


Sign and share   our petition   to help us end the appalling suffering and killing of kittens Born To Die in UK laboratories.









Latest Tibet News – Twitter Suspends Fake Chinese Accounts Spreading Lies and Propaganda.


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From the ‘Free Tibet’ Team in London:

I’ve got some fantastic news to share with you. Following our exposé just two weeks ago, Twitter has now suspended all the fake accounts spreading Tibet propaganda.

China was using false identities online to spread its “good news” about Tibet.

Worldwide media coverage and a flood of emails to Twitter from Free Tibet supporters have stopped the fraud in its tracks; together we’ve struck an important blow against China’s lies.

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Visit the Free Tibet (London) website at


Shop at http://freetibet.org/shop 

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