Latest News From ‘Free Tibet’, London – 18/8/14. Chinese Forces Deploy Live Ammunition Into Protesters. Over 200 Arrested.

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LATEST 18/4 – London Demo:

Join us tomorrow (20/8/14) at the Chinese Embassy

Last week China’s security forces opened fire on a Tibetan demonstration in Lochung, seriously injuring 10. Around 200 have been arrested and two died in detention on Sunday – Lo Phelsang in protest against denial of medical treatment and another from his injuries.

If you’re in London please join me for the weekly vigil tomorrow, opposite the Chinese Embassy from 6pm until 8pm. Let’s show China that the world is watching.
View the Chinese Embassy on Google Maps.
See the Facebook event.

Latest News From ‘Free Tibet’, London – 18/8/14.


China shoots protesters; two die in detention

10 Tibetans were seriously injured last week, after China’s security forces deployed tear gas and live ammunition onto a protest of around one hundred.

Yesterday Lo Phelsang killed himself in detention in protest against the denial of medical treatment, and another prisoner died from injuries.

The Tibetans were protesting the arrest of village leader Wangdak.

All male villagers over the age of 12 have now been arrested, with the exception of a few very old men.

Around 200 are thought to be in detention and many wounded are being denied medical treatment.  

Urge your government to stand up for Tibet

Tibetans are risking everything to assert their fundamental human rights.

Let’s keep up the pressure on world leaders to stand up to China; contact your foreign minister.



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