Live Exports – EU Live Farm Animal Transport Update 18/9/14.




EU live farm animal transport update 18/9/14.

Over the last couple of days, we have been in direct verbal contact with the office of Commissioner Borg (Brussels, Belgium) regarding our letter calling for a one off 8 hour maximum journey time for all farm animals in transport.

This morning, 19/9; we have had a telephone call from Brussels; who have confirmed receipt of our documentation and that our evidence is under consideration.  Commissioner Borg’s office has verbally assured us that the issues detailed in our letter are being addressed and that we will be provided with a formal written response in the near future.

When the letter arrives with us, we will be sharing it with you on this site.  If it is necessary to then follow up with Commissioner Borg in the form of further correspondence, then it will be done.

Following are the current posts we have produced on this very important issue of animal welfare throughout the EU.  As we have said, our view on the issue is that a reduction across the EU to a one off 8 hours maximum journey time would greatly reduce, or completely stop a lot of the current long distance animal transports which are being witnessed.  We have said in the past on our posts:

Whilst some (welfare organisations) may be taking a form of action towards their own national governments; we stress that EU wide legislation which applies to all member states is made in the EU Commission, Brussels, and not by individual member states just for the benefit of individual member states.  The EU may update or produce new legislation in the form of a new or amended ‘Regulation’ – and this has to be officially adhered to by all member states to ensure that EU standards are met and maintained.  If a member state does not / is shown not enforce the official regulation, then the EU (as a whole, via the Commission) can take action against any individual member state that shows non-compliance”.


We will be publishing the response to our documentation from Commissioner Borg as soon as we receive it on this site; including any further follow up response that we feel may be necessary.

MJ – SAV 18/9/14.





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