UK / England: David Cameron Prime Minister Gives 2 Fingers To 94% Of British Public And Blocks A Ban On The Use of Wild Animals In English Circuses.



wheres the ban


Captive Animals Protection Society, PO Box 591, Manchester, M12 0DP, England UK

UPDATE 17/10/14.


SAV Comment:

94% of the British public want an end to wild animals being used in travelling circuses in the UK.  On 17/10/14 the UK government led by David Cameron, Prime Minister; kicked 94% of the British public in the teeth by NOT allowing a vote to ban the use of wild animals in English circuses.

In May 2015 the  British public will have a General Election and have the opportunity to eradicate David Cameron and his Conservative Party from government.  This issue is just another example of how Cameron’s ‘rich boy’ Tory government are completely ignoring the wishes of the British general public – and instead only doing what they want to do whilst giving 2 fingers to everybody else – in this case 94% of the public !

We say ‘roll on May 2015’.  In the meantime; we will continue to expose the Cameron government for all their animal abuses; the fumbled badger killings recently being yet another example.

Congratulations to Malta for doing the right thing with circus animals today.

Fingers crossed for a ‘Goodbye David Cameron’ in May 2015.

There are plenty of clowns relating to the circus; and David Cameron Prime Minister is the biggest clown of all !!



Cameron – Prime Minister

cameron hunter

Cameron – The Hunter.

cameron clown 1

cameron clown 2

17/10/14 – Now ‘Cameron The Clown’


See our previous posts on this issue going back a few years – most recent is first.

Dates for others are contained within each of the headers:

 The following is the message late today (17/10/14) from Liz Tyson; Director at the UK ‘Captive Animals Protection Society’ (CAPS):

Dear Mark,

Malta comes good for animals in circuses but Westminster lets them down again.

We were delighted this morning to hear that Malta has now passed a ban on the use of ALL animals in circuses.

We were really pleased to be able to provide advice and support to local groups in Malta who have been working hard on this campaign for years and it is heartening to see the proposals finally make it into law.

But our delight tuned to dismay at our own Government when, at the second reading of his Private Members Bill to ban wild animals in circuses, MP Jim Fitzpatrick revealed that the Government had intervened to block the proposal.

This is in spite of repeated assurances from the Prime Minister and Minister responsible for the issue that they were supportive. We told you earlier this week that a damning letter from Nick Clegg to a constituent raised alarm bells over the Government’s true intentions on this matter and it now seems that those concerns were well-founded.

We know how much you, like us, were hoping that today would be the day when we would take that important step closer to seeing an end to the cruel use of wild animals in English circuses. We know that you have worked hard alongside us to make it a reality. We also know that, like us, you won’t be giving up easily.

Just moments after the objection was raised to the Bill, we were in contact with our campaign partners and Jim Fitzpatrick MP and are now in the process of working together to challenge this new obstacle.

We won’t give in until all circuses are animal-free.

We wanted you to be the first to know about today’s news as we know that the future of wild animals currently being exploited in circuses in the UK is important to you. We are sorry that we cannot share the good news we all so wanted to hear. But we must continue.

The second reading is rescheduled again for next Friday, the 24th October. So we will be doing all we can between now and then to secure a positive result for the animals.

Thank you, as ever, for your support,
Liz Tyson, Director CAPS.

Liz Tyson CAPS

Above – Liz Tyson.

Further reading:

This is the person – see him here ! –  Andrew Rosindell MP  –

The bill to ban wild animals in circuses has been blocked by Conservative MP Andrew Rosindell at its second reading today. This is the second time that Mr Rosindell has blocked the bill, introduced by Jim Fitzpatrick MP and championed by ADI.

It is difficult to comprehend why anyone would block this popular and long-awaited legislation, sabotaging efforts to bring the suffering of circus animals finally to an end – although Mr Rosindell has previously written a brochure foreword for the now disbanded Great British Circus, where shocking elephant abuse was exposed by ADI.

Despite his support for this outdated industry, we sincerely hope Mr Rosindell will respect his constituents’ wishes, and the will of the public and fellow MPs, and not oppose the bill at its next reading on October 24th.

Despite interventions by Mr Rosindell, the circus bill still provides the best opportunity to secure the ban ahead of the general election.


Read in full at:  

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