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DAY 85.






Because of this, during 3 and 4/11/2014, contact has now been made with all 751 MEP’s at the European Parliament regarding Nani and the Serbian governments failure to enforce its own ‘rule of law’ as required for new EU accession member states.

In our correspondence, we identified that

The Serbian Republican Veterinary Inspection acted on campaigners urgent charges from 08.08.2014 by only (on 26.08.2014) ignoring Article 79 of the Animal Welfare Act (which mandates the return of the fawn to Mrs. Dragana Mitic’s family). The RVI also ignored the fact that Mrs. Dragana Mitic had the right to withhold the fawn, and that she even began the adoption procedure on 10.8.2014

Article 58 of the Serbian Animal Welfare Act entitles the family of Mrs. Dragana Mitic to file a Request to the Minister of Agriculture who has the obligation and responsibility to undertake a review and make a decision within 30 days; to issue a consent that the family Mitic can keep their tame fawn. We are now 85 DAYS after the decision date should have been made; and still there is NOTHING – we are being told nothing by the authorities.

So now, as a consequence of the Serbian government silence; ALL the EU MEP’s have to be informed of this illegal action by the Serbian authorities, the same authorities who are informing the EU about their alleged compliances with the ‘rule of law’ as required by accession states seeking EU membership; and also a state to which the EU provided a Funding allocation of €208.3 million to Serbia for in 2013.

Serbia, with EU assistance, with this funding, focuses on:

Justice/home affairs – efficient judicial system, the fight against organised crime and corruption.

So why in this case and that of the whole issue revolving around police actions with Nani; is Serbia not viewing this as ‘corruption’ ?

Further, as EU citizens and taxpayers – it is after all OUR money which the EU is providing to Serbia; are we not entitled to a formal response about the situation from both Serbian authorities and also the EU ?

To us It is simply a matter of principle, adhering to the legal rules and regulations of any nation.  Serbia wishes to gain EU accession; therefore it must show the EU Enlargement Commission that it is complying with the institutions guaranteeing democracy and application of the rule of law – animal and human rights. EU Membership presupposes the candidate’s ability to take on the obligations of membership including adherence to the aims of political, economic and monetary union.  Animal welfare regulation adherence is part of Serbian law – Serbia must be seen to implement it”.

To date, 95 days in which Nani has been held captive, and 85 days which have shown no action in implementing the Serbian law regarding Nani by the Minister, the case being completely ignored by the Serbian government; and also hearing nothing to date from the EU Ambassador to Serbia, Mr. Davenport; you begin to ask what exactly our money is being spent on within Serbia. 

If there is a Serbian national ‘fight against crime and corruption’ as claimed by the Serbian authorities seeking EU accession;, then why are we not being informed of resultant actions being taken against the illegal police activities at police station Cicevac, which belongs to the Police Department in Krusevac in Rasina district ?

Could it be that a police inspector, Miroslav Vidakovic, with two uniformed policemen from the police station Cicevac, told the family Mitic: “I give you one hour to “make a deal” with hunters, and if you don’t surrender the fawn (to them), I will come back with a court order to search your house and will file the criminal charges of 150-200 thousand RSD” – a statement that has no legal basis in any law of the Republic of Serbia.

When leaving the Mitic premises, the police inspector also informed the local hunters to “keep an eye on them”. Again here, such behaviour does not fall within the lawful police work of the Serbian Republic.  In this particular case the police inspector had no business or jurisdiction, instead he acted on his own initiative, protecting the interests of the Hunting Association.

And finally, it would appear that the inspector of the police was also a long time Vice President of the same local hunting association  !!

So with this example, we ask exactly where is the alleged Serbian national ‘fight against crime and corruption’ as claimed by the Serbian authorities seeking EU accession and to which the EU citizen / taxpayer is contributing to on a yearly basis ?? – a Funding allocation from the EU to Serbia for 2013: €208.3 million remember.

This is why we as EU (UK) citizens feel we have a right to ask questions on how our EU money is being spent; and why we are not being provided with answers – ones that we currently have waited 95 days in total for; and still have nothing !!!

Nani has been held captive for by hunters 95 days – the Minister has done nothing in the way of a decision for 85 days – so much for the rule of law and EU membership ? ! ?








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