Serbia: Day 95 in Total of Nani’s Illegal Captivity – Day 85 of No Decision By the Minister – Serbian and EU Authority Remains Very Silent and Do Not Contact Us – Why ? – Where Is The Rule of Law ???

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Nani has been captive for 95 days.

Serb Minister 1

Nani was kidnapped by the local police and hunters at the start of August.  Mrs. Dragana Mitic (Nani’s carer) filed a petition to the Minister to allow tame Nani to remain with her on 10/8/14.  This was produced in conjunction with EPAR.

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The Minster responsible has remained silent ever since then.

At their facility the hunters do not have adequate facilities for the keeping of animals such as Nani deer.  She is being kept on a Pheasant keeping (game bird) facility and is now starting to get illness due to the bad conditions – please see photos of some problems with her coat.



Keeping a deer at a facility used for rearing game birds to shoot is not adequate housing in accordance with existing legislation.

Also, and more importantly; hunting associations are forbidden by law to hold ether tame or wild animals in captivity.  Nani is being held in captivity by the hunters – their action is therefore illegal.

Everybody in authority (Serbian and EU) who should be in regular correspondence with us is keeping very quiet; silent in fact – we hear nothing from them  – what have they got to hide ? – their silence is very much showing a possible admission that actions we are covering here are actual Serbian legislation actually illegal.  Otherwise we would be informed continually of what is happening; as is the case in existing EU nations.

The Serbian government probably hopes we will get tired and go away – this is not the case; quite the opposite.  They should be dealing with this case and taking action alleged legal action about corruption – enforcing the rule of law as we are always hearing from the EU.  We are more determined than ever to see that Serbia DOES take action and enforce the rule of law as required for EU accession.

Also, we have still not heard from Mr. Davenport the ‘EU Ambassador to Serbia’.

Why not we ask ? – there is not even any sign of confirmation of our evidence submitted to him from his office detailing the Nani case.

Nani is getting sick and cold.  Whatever happens, this is also a human rights issue now as well as an animal rights issue.  Mrs. Mitic is not having her rights represented by the law – it is corruption only. We will take this as far as we need to go.

We strongly suggest that someone in authority (Serbia, EU or both) make contact with us very soon to explain their silence and why they are breaking the law and continuing to allow silence to happen.



Serb Minister 1



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