Serbia: 10/12/14 – CRISIS – Authorities Now Seek Retribution To Animal Shelters For Past Exposure And Charges Of Criminal Veterinarian – Read On for More.



Serbian  Flag10/12/14 Breaking News.


Today in Serbia we are hearing some very disturbing news.

Obviously, being based in England we are not up to date by the minute as to the situation; but all the English / Serbian groups are keeping in close contact to inform each other of events.

The Serbian government and authorities are obviously very unhappy that their closed shop corrupt situation for many years is now being exposed.

They are attempting any form of retribution that they can in order to cover their failings of the past.  The shelter being run by Sasha and financially supported by the harmony Fund (see links below) is now the main target of the retribution.  They have threatened him that he must now move 450 dogs within the next 15 days.

sahsa 5

Or what we ask ? – the typical Serbian government / authority process of going in, rounding up the animals and simply killing them ! – the government answer to all the issues !!

Also, despite a letter from the EU Enlargement Commission being sent to to Serbian government asking them to enter into dialogue with us and other animal welfare NGO’s – see ,

we still have heard nothing but silence from the Serbian government.

Here is a copy of the EU letter to the Serbian authorities: (1)

The following is a copy of the info we have had.

We have included some SAV past post links so that you can hopefully see who / what we are talking about – Sasha for example.

When the UK / USA time difference is sorted and we can call the USA (Harmony Fund) early morning (USA time); we will give them the information.

We (SAV) have already informed the EU Enlargement Commission of events this morning, for which we have a formal written ‘read’ response already.

We suggest that the following past SAV posts are reviewed in order to get an overall account of the ‘vet’ that is spoken about in these mails. 

See them at:

“SAV are pleased to inform of a major new investigation which has been undertaken by Serbian campaigners.

EPAR have now sent criminal charges to the Public Attorney of Nis city, to the police of Nis and also to the republic veterinary inspectors relating to the illegal activities of a city vet named ‘Davkovsi’ and also those of city garbage firm JKP`Medijana`.  Both the veterinarian Davkovsi’ and also JKP`Medijana’ have acted in direct opposition to the Constitutional laws of the Republic of Serbia.

They have been killing animals in Nis city in direct opposition to the veterinary laws of Serbia.

Now we have documented proof to support what we say, and this data is provided below”.


Rather than paying a veterinarian to undertake the killing of 1,148 dogs during 2009, we suggest that Nis city would have been much wiser if they had invested the same money into a program of animal sterilisation.  The current rate for male (dog) sterilisation is around 1,200 – 1,800 dinars.  Sterilisation of a female (bitch) is approximately 3,500 – 4,000 dinars.  Using the top rate figure in each case, if the same money paid to the vet for killing had been put into stray animal sterilisation, then approximately

945 MALES or 425 FEMALE dogs could have been sterilised.

The top end figures have been used here, but for mass numbers such as this, actual costs could have been reduced even more.  We suggest that around 1,000 male dogs or alternatively, 500 female dogs could have been sterilised for the same money paid to vet Davkovski for the killing of 1,148 dogs during 2009.

Click on above link to read FULL STORY !

NOTE the Above link Petition is now CLOSED.


The following are links to Sasha and his shelter caring for hundreds of dogs – with support given by ‘Harmony Fund’ also.  He was given support – see first link.  The second link is an earlier appeal before things progressed.


The message (1):

More frightening news from Serbia!  The public officials are throwing their toys out of the pram in recrimination against the criminal charges against the butcher vet. Sasha’s shelter is under threat, he has 450 dogs and they have threatened him and told him he must move all the 450 dogs in 15 days.


Message (2):

Dear all,

long sad hard day….

  • Our criminal charges against Davkovski REGECTED AGAIN!!!! But, now on ILLEGAL WAY with INCREDIBLE ILEGAL REASON in INCREDIBLE short period!

ORCA-main, the biggest animal welfare organization in Serbia (they made possible that we have Animal welfare law in Serbia) are VEY surprised with this decision and this rejection!!

They put ILLEGAL reason—-that this is NOT case that prosecutor should take….after first rejection and after all, they released him with this, that is not true.

SO, THEY made HUGE mistake, as now we have kind of proof that he is ‘protected’ mand that prosecutor did sooooo bad job!!!

We are shocked!

Now, even bigger struggle begins, as we are going to put even more efforts against all of them, we will require exemption of this persecutor, and will complain on higher institutions, to The Agency against corruption, now we have something!

ORCA will fight with us!

2) We finaly got final decision from the city. We must move the dogs from the shelter on some other location , in max 15 days.

If we do not do that Mediana and dog catchers come to take our dogs from us.

Mediana also got this command.



This is our chance !
So, only appeals, PLEASE!!!!!!! WE will make them!!!





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