England / Serbia: Vice President of the EU Animal Welfare Intergroup Writes to EU Enlargement Commissioner Regarding SAV Concerns About the Non Implementation of Animal Welfare Legislation in Both Serbia and Bosnia Herzegovina.

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Further to our recent post regarding Serbian animal fighting videos; and the animal welfare situation in Serbia generally;


we did follow up as promised and make contact with Keith Taylor MEP (for SE England) who has now helped us as always by writing to the current EU Commissioner Johannes Hahn, the top man who is responsible for the enlargement of the EU by application (accession) nations, such as Serbia.

In his letter, which can be read in full via the link below, Keith has helped us by generally dealing with the issue of the terrible treatment of strays in both Serbia and Bosnia – Herzegovina.

As we have pointed out several times on our posts in the past, Keith has again backed us and stated that as EU Accession countries, both Serbia and B-H are NOT currently upholding the EU principle of the rule of law, as well as the need that accession countries are required to fully implement EU laws into their national laws as a requirement of membership.

Keith finishes by asking Commissioner Hahn to ensure that both Serbia and B-H ‘are fastidious in implementing and enforcing their national animal welfare laws as a prerequisite to their (EU) accession’.

This letter provides additional and very strong ‘clout’ to our campaigning, as Keith also happens to be the Vice President of the European Parliament’s Intergroup on Animal Welfare – http://www.animalwelfareintergroup.eu/  and  http://www.animalwelfareintergroup.eu/about-us/

A copy of Keith’s full letter to Commissioner Hahn can be viewed via the following link:

Letter to Commissioner Hahn – Serbia and Bosnia stray animal welfare – 19 Feb 2015 (1)

This letter from Keith is excellent news for us as this now gives additional support to our campaigning from the VP of the EU Animal Welfare Intergroup; as well as being a letter which is directly addressed to the man at the top of the Commission dealing with new member states applying to become members of the EU; namely Serbia and also B – H.

What Now ?

We at SAV can now follow up from this letter of Keith’s by supplying another supplement letter to Commissioner Hahn which will provide him with all the footage and links to the animal fighting videos within Serbia which can be found on, and which are given as links in some of our recent posts:



We will then wait for Commissioner Hahn to respond (hopefully to both Keith and also to us) and we will see exactly what he intends to do /  is doing about the current animal welfare situation in both Serbia and B-H.  We can and will then act accordingly.

We will keep you further informed as things progress.

As always, we give big thanks to Keith for his time in preparing the letter on our behalf and also for his general interest in the welfare of all animals; especially as VP of the Animal Welfare Intergroup at the EU.

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