Serbia: Great News From Felix Shelter – Funds For Second Tank Of Gas Fully Raised In Less Than A Week – Well Done All Those Who Gave !!

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Gas 3


Re our very recent appeal for Danica and the cats at Felix for a second tank of gas:

Well in less than a week the target amount for the new tank of gas has been met and greatly exceeded !  Fantastic work by all; and big thanks to everyone who donated to raise money for the fuel; especially as a couple of really large donations were given – Thank you all !!

Gas tank 2 3

Here is a message from Danica about the help that she has been provided with:

Danica Mirkovic Shelter Felix

Dear friends,

Thanks to you all and due to your overwhelming generosity, all of the funds needed for the new tank of heating fuel have been raised in just a couple of days!

By the end of next week, our gas tank will be filled up again and the kitties will be warm and cozy regardless of the state of the weather outside.

Such a huge weight off of our shoulders!

You guys are absolutely amazing!

All of us here have been left speechless by all of your incredible kindness and we’re humbled and honored to have such wonderful friends!

You all rock!

danica 15 mar 1

Gas tank 2 2

Gas tank 2 1






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