South Korea: Demand Justice Petition For 600+ Cats Boiled Alive.

South Kores



Target: South Korean President Geun-Hye Park and Minister of Justice Kyo-Ahn Hwang

Goal: Ensure that the man accused of boiling 600 live cats is held accountable for his actions.

Busan Bukbu Police arrested 54-year-old “Mr. A” on charges of capturing and slaughtering 600 live stray cats, which is a violation of South Korea’s Animal Protection Act. Mr. A was suspected of capturing the cats by luring them into traps with food and then slaughtering them in a secret, remote location in another province for over a year. The helpless cats were reportedly forced into large containers of boiling water and were essentially cooked to death. Mr. A would remove their fur and sell the organs to a “Health Food Center,” where customers purchased them for supposed health benefits.

During the raid at Mr. A’s slaughterhouse, 18 cats were discovered locked in a crate and waiting to be killed. Mr. A has admitted to boiling, killing and selling over 600 stray cats, which seems like an unfathomably high number, but the police explained that there is a high demand for cat soup due to a niche belief that the soup cures or alleviates symptoms of arthritis.

Unfortunately, although Mr. A has been arrested, the “Health Food Center” that bought the cats’ organs will go unpunished. This is because there are no laws to stop these types of organizations from reselling the cats to the public.

However, Mr. A will be charged for violating the provision in the Animal Protect Act, which prohibits the act of killing an animal by inhumane methods. Please sign this petition to ensure that Mr. A will be punished to the highest degree of South Korean law for cruelly boiling live stray cats if he’s found guilty.


Dear President Geun-Hye Park and Minister Kyo-Ahn Hwang

Mr. A was arrested for boiling 600 live stray cats and selling their organs to a “Health Food Center” in another province. There is a belief in South Korea that cat soup can cure or alleviate symptoms of arthritis, but consuming them does more harm than good. Unlike livestock animals such as pigs and cattle, cats are not managed for sanitation and parasites in cats are more likely to be transferred to humans.

Aside from the actual health risk of consumption, the manner in which Mr. A allegedly slaughtered these innocent cats is shockingly cruel. According to the Animal Protection Act, it is against the law to kill an animal inhumanely. Every animal deserves justice. I urge you to make sure that Mr. A is severely punished for the torture and slaughter of hundreds of cats if he’s found guilty.


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