Serbia: Shelter LESI Now Under Immediate Threat From Authorities. 100 Stray Dogs In Care May Have To Be Returned To The Streets And Certain Death. Please Act Immediately Thank You.

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serbia appeal 11 sept


Dear friends, I need your support yet again.

The officials from Serbian town Bac have served a final notice for the owner of the private shelter LESI to evacuate the premisses and get rid of all of her stray animals 100 in total. The date for her court is 24th September!

Milica is desperate and has nowhere to take them to safety – the only possibility is the street again (where they are only going to be caught again and put into city pounds, and we all know their destiny then!)

Please could you at least send your protest messages to these addresses below hoping that they will realise that the other organisations are watching their actions.

Milica was given all instructions from the city officials what she needs to do in order to keep her shelter, which she obliged to, but now they are saying that it is not right and she must close it as it is too close to the neighbours!

I am so sure that by now you know how “good” serbian officilas are at following the AWL and that they only follow the rules when they want to.

Milica will go to court to fight against their decission but she needs our support so that they can see that she is not alone.

Thank you again!

Kind regards,

Vesna S.

Please send your letters of protest to the following addresses :

SAV Comment – we feel it is important that we send an international message about this to the Serbian authorities who do so wrong; let them know the world is watching them.  Please add your nationality and location to anything you send., , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,

Dear all

EPAR filed a criminal complaint against persons of  municipal administration Bac  and against  JKP Komunalac, Kula. They  act together : opposite  to law demands and  they  together  do crimes to animals and  to public money . We will see  what like will be action of  Public Attorney of Novi Sad.

We will   also send copy  of  our  complaint to the   judge who will lead Milicaş  case.

Kind  regards


We are hoping that together we can make the realise that they cannot carry on with breaking the law!

serbia appeal 11 sept

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