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Dear Mark,

The fate of hammerhead, silky and thresher sharks is in our hands.

In the next few weeks, six nations will be gathering at an international meeting to decide whether to increase protections for these magnificent creatures.

In the past, my country of Costa Rica has led the way in the international protection of sharks. And I need you to take one simple action to further this protection.


Please sign my petition asking Costa Rica to lead the way at the Convention on Migratory Species meeting and support increased protective status for these shark species.

‎I’ve been blessed with being able to swim in schools of hammerheads, silkies and threshers in the Pacific. It was one of those moments of a lifetime. And my goal is to protect the sharks and the oceans for future generations.


Can you join me by signing my petition?


Randall Arauz,

International Director
Turtle Island Restoration Network

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PS – Costa Rica has been a key player in the international shark protection arena and, with your show of support, can continue to play that role. Please add your name to the petition today!




Japan: Now Really Feeling The Pressure Of Taiji and The Whale Hunts – Cove Man Ric Now Held By Authorities In Japan.



Above – Ric.

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SAV comment – we are really starting to see the Jap whale and dolphin murderers in their true colours now.  We have given the links to international Japanese embassies on some of other posts, but here they are again should you individually wish to write regarding this latest incident.


Watch the London Taiji demo which took place last Saturday – 16/1/16 by clicking on the following:

Congress Member Asks State Department to Help Dolphin Activist Held in Japan

Immigration officials have detained Ric O’Barry at Tokyo’s Narita Airport since Monday.

A California representative has requested that United States diplomatic officials intervene in the detention of an American environmental activist at Tokyo’s Narita Airport.

Jack d’Annibale, the director of communications for Rep. Ted Lieu, confirmed on Tuesday that in response to a request from the California Democrat’s office, the U.S. State Department has asked Japanese officials to immediately release Ric O’Barry, who has been held at the airport since arriving on Monday afternoon.

Ric O’Barry is a longtime leader of opposition to an annual dolphin drive and hunt in the Japanese town of Taiji. The hunt, which was brought to worldwide attention in the 2009 documentary The Cove, results in thousands of dolphins being killed for meat or captured for sale to aquariums and marine parks.

dolphin and calf

“We don’t believe there’s any reason for him to be stopped at immigration,” said O’Barry’s son, Lincoln O’Barry. “He’s always been very careful not to violate any laws and to work with the legal system in Japan.”

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The Cove

The State Department would not confirm that it had intervened on O’Barry’s behalf, citing privacy concerns.

Americans do not need visas to enter Japan for visits of under 90 days, according to the website of Japan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

O’Barry’s efforts to stop the Taiji hunt are featured in The Cove, and Japanese immigration officials have challenged his entry into the country as a tourist based in part on his presence in the documentary, said his son.

“[Japanese] immigration says the reason is that he made The Cove, which is not true. He was in the film but not part of the production company,” said Lincoln O’Barry. “They also say he’s part of Sea Shepherd,” an environmental group well known for interfering with Japan’s whale hunts, “which is not true.”

O’Barry is being held in a “deportees facility” at Narita Airport “that is more like a jail than a hotel,” his son said.

A lawyer has appealed Ric O’Barry’s detention to the Japanese courts, he added, but if officials succeed in their deportation effort, the senior O’Barry will not be able to reenter Japan for five years or more.

“This is another form of the government trying to hide what’s going on in Taiji,” he said.

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We have put together a sample letter which you can copy and send to the Japanese authorities across the world.

Click on the following links to find many Japanese ‘national’ contacts:

SAMPLE LETTER – copy and send, or copy and personalise as you wish.

Use the above 2 links to select where you send copies of your letter.

Each year in Taiji, Japan; dolphins are chased into a small cove and butchered in the most horrific and cruel way imaginable. These hunts are subsidized by the dolphin captivity industry, which pays top money for a few “show quality” dolphins that are ripped from their families and sold on to aquatic centres in order to perform stupid tricks for a brain dead audience, whilst the rest of the captured pod is killed for meat. This dolphin meat has been proven to be laden with mercury and PCBs, all of which are very harmful to Japanese citizens who eat the meat.

Due to a major attempt to cover up the hunt by the Japanese government (which drastically fails in the rest of the world); most Japanese citizens don’t even know that the hunts exist in their land. The Japanese government very much supports the dolphin killers, whilst denying any public health issues.  Both issues are now being widely publicised to the world through international campaign networks, the internet and film such as ‘The Cove’.

The Japanese government are still attempting to resist worldwide actions taken against them for both dolphin and for whale slaughter; which takes place each year under the false guise of ‘Scientific research’.  The Japanese government may believe there are no public health issues for its own citizens regarding the dolphin slaughter, and may kid itself that it needs to undertake ‘research’ in whales as it falsely claimed for many years; but thanks to global communication processes nowdays, the rest of the world instantly knows the real truth; this is why Japan (as a nation) is hated internationally by the environmental movement and also why so many protests are taking place outside its embassies located around the world.

There is a simple way to resolve this – that is for Japan to stop the killing of both dolphins and whales now.  Animal welfare campaigners who speak out against the dolphin murders are now being directly targeted – the latest being Mr Ric O’Barry who has been held at Tokyo’s Narita airport since Monday 18th January.

Mr O’Barry is a longtime leader in opposition to the annual Taiji (town) dolphin hunt, which has gained a negative worldwide reputation since the release and viewing of the film ‘The Cove’.  ‘The Cove’ has shown the teal cruelty of Japan to the rest of the world;  which has led to a worldwide hatred for the actions of Japan on whales and dolphins ever since.

There is no reason whatsoever why Mr O’Barry should be held by Japan.  He has always been very careful not to violate any laws, whilst at the same time working within the legal system of Japan.  If Japan thinks their actions will result in bad publicity for the organisation named ‘Sea Shepherd’, which is most probably why Mr O’Barry is now being held; then Japan is very wrong.

The world largely supports the actions of Sea Shepherd whilst undertaking a national hatred of the Japanese people and what they do in murdering the natural wonders of our oceans.

It is time for Japan to change, and change now – immediately.  For only when Japan does take actions to ban both the dolphin murders and whale murders which it undertakes at present; only then will it be accepted back into the international community as a nation which has respect of others for attempts to preserve the wonderful creatures of our oceans.  All the time the Japanese led killings continue, Japan will continue to be singled out and targeted for what it is – simply murderers of the wonderful wildlife of the world’s oceans; nothing more, nothing less.

Japan needs to take action and to take it immediately – ban the killing of dolphins and whales now, today.

Yours truly,

YOUR Name and nationality.


ALSO, please help us:


Please try and support this very worthwhile campaign to help many dogs if you can please – URGENT !

Thank You – SAV

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