England: 1-5/2/16 – Maybe Less Postings For That Week.


Well today is the 28/1, and it marks us posting no less than 50 items on the site this month – which most be something of a top month for us since our foundation all those years ago.

Between the 1st and 5th next month (February); we are having some decorating work undertaken, and so we are not sure how this will impact on what we can get out.  There should not be too many problems as quite a lot is done late into the evening, but, there may be less being put out next week, the first February week.

We are having a new wall mural produced and we are sure it will be pretty amazing – pictures of it to be shown on this site when all is finished on 5/2/16.  All we will say for now is that it is ‘animal related’; naturally.

We will get more posts out in these last few days of January, so please keep visiting us and keep acting on behalf of all the animals who are relying on us to be their voice where it matters.

Thanks – SAV.


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Serbia: Excellent News From Felix Shelter – The Tank Of Gas Has Filled Fully And The Kitties Are All Safe And Warm – Thank You.

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Excellent news from Danica at Shelter felix – as you can see from the pictures below the new gas has been supplied and the shelter is now up and running at full warmth – with nice warm kitties !!.

We join with Danica and the cats in thanking everyone who has donated to get the new tank of gas and for helping to keep all the kitties warm.

So thank you for giving – SAV.


Danica Mirkovic posted in Milanče – Cat Rescue Shelter Felix.


Dear friends,

We’re overjoyed to announce that gas has finally arrived!

Our central heating has already kicked into high gear and most of the kitties are quickly occupying their usual sleeping places on top of the radiators 🙂

Those who prefer to stay in their warm and cozy cat beds change their positions from all curled up to stretched out or bent over backwards, although the very best of friends still prefer to snuggle together in their sleep.

Now that the cats’ rooms and the house are warm it can snow all it wants, we just don’t care!


There are no words to describe our most profound thanks and appreciation to all of you for your help!

A simple thank you is not enough for all that amazing Laura Simpson, her awesome organization The Great Animal Rescue Chase & Harmony Fund and each one of you have given us.

All we can say is that we’re blessed to have such caring, thoughtful and wonderful friends 🙂

You’re the best!




USA: California’s Driftnet Fishery Kills Ocean Life – Video To Watch.


turtle island

Dear Mark,

I am excited to share our new public service video announcement on the deadly California driftnet fishery for swordfish with you. 

This new video shows the true impact of ordering a driftnet-caught swordfish at a restaurant, and encourages each of us to make smart seafood choices. Together we call say ‘no thank you’ to California driftnet caught high-in-mercury swordfish that comes with unwanted sides of sea turtles, dolphins, sharks, whales, and other marine wildlife.

Watch & Share the video by clicking here!

The California’s driftnet fishery consists of a small fleet of roughly 20 active vessels that set nets the size of the Golden Gate Bridge to drift unattended through our oceans. While the primary targeted commercial species for this fishery are swordfish and shark, these nets entangle everything in their mile-wide path, resulting in high levels of bycatch (unintended catch, most thrown overboard dead or injured). Over the past ten years, nearly a thousand air-breathing whales, dolphins, and sea turtles have drowned, while thousands of sharks (that depend on constant movement) have suffocated.

Turtle Island is committed to phasing out this fishery that is harmful for marine wildlife and our health, and our video educates and empowers consumers and restaurants on the deadly California driftnet fishery for swordfish.

We’d love to have your help getting the word out about this important issue. Please post the following message on Facebook:

WATCH & SHARE @TurtleIslandRestorationNetwork ‘s video ‘Welcome to Gillnetty’s’ that encourages each of us to make smart seafood choices & say  ‘no’ to California driftnet caught high-in-mercury swordfish that comes with unwanted sides of sea turtles, dolphins, sharks, whales and other marine wildlife. https://youtu.be/Am-PK6momnc #EndCAdriftnets

Thank you for your help and support.


Joanna Nasar
Communications Director
Turtle Island
Restoration Network




165 Million Tonnes Of Plastic Waste In The Sea At The Moment – It Should Not Be Allowed. Sign The Petition Now !


Over eight million tons of plastic ends up in our seas every year, and this environmental catastrophe is growing at a frighteningly fast rate. Take action now to save the future of our oceans and our planet’s health.

Petition 2

Petition link – https://forcechange.com/151633/stop-plastic-pollution-from-destroying-our-oceans/?utm_source=ForceChange+Newsletter&utm_campaign=49647260dc-604FC1_27_2016&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_600a6911b9-49647260dc-278817597

Target: Secretary General Ban Ki-moon

Goal: Develop a plastic waste reduction plan before there’s more trash in the ocean than fish.

Dumping of plastic in our oceans has expanded by a dramatic 1,900 percent in the past half-century. Creation of the material is expected to increase twofold again in the following 20 years. If the world stands by and lets plastic pollution continue at this rate, we will lose one of our natural resources and jeopardize the futures of our children.

More than eight million tons of plastics wind up entering our seas every year, where the pieces can remain for many years. There are expected to be 165 million tons of plastic waste in the sea at this moment.

We’re dumping what might as well be called one waste vehicle’s worth into the sea every moment; that is anticipated to hop to four per minute by 2050 according to a report by the World Economic Forum and Ellen MacArthur Foundation. Furthermore, that report has a dismal cautioning–we’re on track to have more plastic than fish, by weight, in our seas by 2050.

Also, the tossed plastic that doesn’t wind up in the sea is likely be placed in a landfill; those two resting places wind up holding around 70 percent of our plastic and only five percent of plastics are viably reused. It’s not only an issue of contamination, but of reusing these plastics properly. “After a short first-utilize cycle, 95% of plastic bundling material quality, or $80 to $120 billion yearly, is lost to the economy,” the report says.

The plastic waste issue has gotten out of control and now more than ever we need more recycling, reusable packaging, and decompose plastic packaging. Sign the petition below to save the future of our oceans and planet’s well-being.


Dear Secretary General Ban Ki-moon,

The amount of plastic waste in our planet’s oceans has increased tenfold in the last half century. A recent study by the World Economic Forum and Ellen MacArthur Foundation has anticipated we should expect to have more plastic pollution in our oceans, based on weight, than fish by 2050. Only five percent of plastic in landfills is actually reused properly, which raises the issue of reusability versus waste.

I urge you to take action and support the development of a plastic waste risk reducing plan that will help control plastic pollution in our seas, increase recycling, reusable packaging, and compostable plastic packaging. Also, I challenge you and your resources to find a solution for after-use plastics that can be turned into an economically valuable feedstock.


[Your Name Here]