England: BREAKING: TV Animal supplier ‘Amazing Animals’ exposed.



BREAKING: TV Animal supplier ‘Amazing Animals’ exposed


A polar bear is brought out to a stage in front of a large crowd. Her handler makes her climb onto a podium on command. Two lions are made to stand in a line up on their back legs when ordered. A leopard is made to jump from a podium and balance on two ropes. A monkey is brought out on a lead, a sloth carried out hanging on a pole for crowds to stare at.

These scenes were witnessed at the premises of ‘Amazing Animals’ a company which provides animals for the TV and media industry with clients such as the BBC and Hollywood film makers. READ the Daily Mail coverage this morning with support from wildlife expert and TV Presenter Chris Packham As well as exposing these terrible shows we filmed animals who were mentally affected by their captivity.

A white tiger pacing back and forth at a small window in their enclosure, a hippo walking in circles in their barren home, a hyena and meerkat pacing back and forth as visitors watched.  See the full video of our findings here:


With your help CAPS has been campaigning against the use of animals in the TV and media for years, fighting for those animals who are exploited for entertainment.

As a nation which demands the banning of wild animals in circuses, we all recognise that forcing animals to perform in anyway is cruel and outdated. We are appealing to the BBC, film makers and companies to cease working with this company and instead, embrace animal-friendly methods like CGI. Technology is improving everyday so there is no excuse to use live animals.

We need your help! TAKE ACTION!

View and share our campaign videos showing the cruel treatment of lions, tigers, leopards, a polar bear and other animals

Contact the BBC and ask them to cease working with Amazing Animals

Boycott films which use live animals

Complain to companies you see using live animals in their promotions and let us know when you spot one

Donate to help us end this cruel industry

Amazing Animals is just one company out of many which uses animals in this way but these findings give us a glimpse of what life can be like for animals when away from the cameras and TV sets. Please speak out for these animals who are held captive by Amazing Animals. Please help us to open up this industry to scrutiny, by taking action today.

For the animals.

Nicola O’Brien

Campaigns Director

P.S. Please share the shocking findings now to show the world what animals at this company are going through.

They need you to speak out. Thank you.

Our mailing address is:

Captive Animals Protection Society PO Box 591 Manchester M12 0DP

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India: Illegal Jallikattu Events – As Much Evidence Required As Possible.


Dear All,

Please see information below about a helpline number and guide to action that FIAPO has set up to help stop the illegal Jallikattu events that are being reported across the country.

I am asking for help from all the members of the group to share this within their networks and supporters so that we can reach as many people as possible and stop any such events.

Please forward this information widely!

Many thanks, Varda

Dear Members and Friends,

We know you care deeply about all animals, and bulls like Swami need you right now. In the next 5 days, hundreds of bulls will be punched, beaten, and mutilated to be “tamed” in medieval spectacles like Jallikattu across Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu.

Going against a supreme court ban and its own policy, India’s Central Government passed a notification on 7 January 2015 sanctioning unspeakable abuse of these animals.

We have achieved a profoundly important victory towards overturning this shameful decision, but our work is not over yet. The Federation of Indian Animal Protection Organisations (FIAPO) teamed up with several other organisations and successfully challenged this move in the Supreme Court, and we have a stay order– for now.

But all is not well. Information is flooding in from all over the country about illegal bull races and Jallikattu events taking place.

See here and here.

Jallikattu is a barbaric activity in which it is simply impossible for bulls to escape torture.

Engulfed by screaming crowds, these terrified, gentle bulls are chased, punched, jumped on, goaded and poked with sharp sticks and dragged to the ground. In such “bull taming festivals” bulls have known to have their eyes gouged out, tails snapped and ears torn.

We have set up a helpline (09632129381) where people can whatsapp reports, photos and videos based on which we will file police complaints to prevent any such events taking place. We are also preparing for the long legal battle challenging the government permission to hold such events.

Here’s a handy guide to help you kick start work at the ground level in case of a possible event.

More here http://www.fiapo.org/our-campaigns/save-the-bulls-support-the-ban/

If you hear of it in advance – Approach the District collector and district police chief with information about the impending event along with a copy of the Supreme court order of 2014 as well as of 12 January 2015. – Submit a letter emphasising that it is the duty of the district collector to ensure that the SC’s orders are implemented, otherwise he will be liable for contempt of court.

– Send (whatsapp) a scan of the letter to 09632129381 so that we can follow it up. If you are unable to prevent it and have a chance to be present while the event happens

-Carefully video record the proceedings taking care to ensure that maximum people present at the event are recognisable in the video. Make sure you show the latest newspaper somewhere in the video to counter any arguments of it being old footage. -File an FIR against the organisers and include in it names of as many people as possible that can be seen in the video.

Also, in the video, include the owner of the land where the race takes place. If it is owned by village or Zila Panchayat then include the names of the chairman and secretary. If you can’t find names, designations will be enough. Find out the names of participants and include it. Insist that the police conducts a ‘Panchnama’ to establish the identity of all the people visible in your video. Include this request in your FIR. – Send the video and a scan of the FIR to 09632129381.

This email was sent by: FIAPO

A 64 2nd Floor

East of Kailash,

New Delhi 110065