Tibet: The Real Side Of Chinese Abuses To The Tibetan People.

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Although this is an animal welfare site; we have for years supported ‘Free Tibet’ (London) in calling for China to withdraw from Tibet and once again, make Tibet and its people the free nation that it was.

We have attempted to show the abuses of the Tibetan people by the Chinese invaders; and we hope that the following footage shows people the abuses that we have been attempting to highlight to the world.


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England: Petition – Tell Harvey Nichols Department Store To Stop Selling Real Fur.


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Please watch the brilliant ‘Respect’ video on ‘dumb animals’

– click on the following link:



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Dear friend,

We’ve just unveiled a new petition, asking the department store Harvey Nichols to stop selling real fur and join our growing list of official fur-free retailers.

Having previously promised not to sell fur from fur farmed or trapped animals, this winter Harvey Nichols (like the last few years) is selling fur from farmed and trapped animals such as foxes, coyotes and racoons.

Animals on fur farms suffer tremendously, as our recent scientific report showed. And the cruelty imposed on animals who are trapped and then killed for their fur is shocking.

Can you help us?

We need as many signatures as possible if we are to make a difference and we need your help. Please sign our petition and then share it as widely as possible amongst your friends and on social media.

Sign our petition and help the animals by clicking here



Thank You.

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