England: Remembering Bowie and Other Stuff.


Further tributes to the legend David Bowie who  died this week.

Keyboard wizard and animal rights campaigner,

Rick Wakeman, tells of his work with David Bowie.



Nursery rhymes – can you tell in what style ?



(From the above, and for non UK residents – Les Dawson was a very well known comedian who could never get things quite right on the piano).


Rick at his awesome best:




USA: Are The Few Going To Seize Millions Of Acres Of Publically Owned Land ? – Are YOU Going To Fight It ?


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Dear Mark,

I’ve had enough, and tonight I’m hitting the road — departing for the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge, which was illegally taken over on Jan. 2 by armed fanatics who want to seize millions of acres of publicly owned lands.

These yahoos may have become a national joke, but their movement is dead serious — it’s part of a committed campaign to rob us of our wild heritage.

That’s why I’ll be heading to Burns tomorrow, and with the Center’s partners we’ll be organizing rallies in Portland and Eugene on Tuesday to stand against the armed thugs seizing public land — land that we all own.

They even whined online for their supporters to send them snacks. Well we won’t send them any snacks, but we will speak out for those who value this land, and against these creeps who think they can take it by force.

I’m deeply concerned about this bullying behavior — still undeterred by federal law enforcement — and the support voiced by some lawmakers for the occupiers’ message. Although these anti-government fanatics operate on the fringes, this seizure is happening in a broader context: There’s a growing movement afoot to take away these lands and open them up to mining, logging, drilling and other profit-driven methods of destruction.

Whether it’s against the Bundy family or politicians in Congress, the Center for Biological Diversity will fight tooth and nail to protect these special places from seizure. We need you with us to support our work to protect America’s public lands with a contribution to our new Public Lands Defense Fund. This isn’t the first time we’ve faced down the Bundys and their gun-toting bullies. We’ve gone toe-to-toe with them over their illegal grazing operations in Nevada and their paranoid attempts to steal what belongs to all Americans.

This year will be an all-out fight against those who think our public forests, deserts and prairies exist to make money for a few, instead of as places that give us clean air, water, wildlife habitat and landscapes that inspire and rejuvenate.

Selling these places to the highest bidder — or giving in to the demands of armed lunatics — robs us all. The Center will be there to fight each and every time. It won’t be easy. The Utah legislature recently committed $12 million to hire lobbyists and lawyers in a coordinated campaign to seize control of millions of public acres that they intend to parcel off to the highest bidder. We can’t match the money of the cattle, mining, logging and fracking industries, so we’ll have to organize our nearly 1 million supporters and our lean, experienced team of lawyers, scientists and activists to take this struggle to the statehouses and the courthouses, from Congress to the streets.

You can pitch in with a donation to the Center’s new Public Lands Defense Fund. We’ll dedicate your gift to defeating the radicals trying to seize our public inheritance. We won’t let them get away with it — neither the gun-toting jerks who have taken over a crucial wildlife preserve, nor their friends who would steal our land like thieves in the night.

I know what I’m getting into by heading to Oregon — I’ve been tracking the situation closely and have a clear sense of who these people are. But I’m heartened to know that you’re with me and that I’m carrying the message of all who can’t go in person to stand up for these special lands and what they mean.

Please join us at our protests across Oregon if you can, and please give to the Public Lands Defense Fund.

For the wild,

Kierán Suckling

Executive Director Center for Biological Diversity


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