India: Some More Amazing Rescue And Recovery Videos From Animal Aid Unlimited, India.


animal aid unlimited india

Some more great rescue videos from our friends at ‘Animal Aid Unlimited’ in India – we are sure you will agree that they are doing some fantastic rescue and recovery work:


Dog rescued strangling on embedded wire saved


The Worst Wound: Street Dog’s Epic Recovery


Critically injured street dog gets a new life!


Puppy rescued covered in tar, watch her (VERY) happy ending!

If you wish to help them with their superb work by giving a donation then please click on the following link and take action where advised:

And we have shown this story before on another of our past posts, but here you can see the truly amazing story of ‘Kalu’, the dog who grew a new face after being rescued by AAU.

Amazing rescue and recovery videos – sad starts but all with very happy endings ! – well done to all the crew at AAU.

Please give them support for their work if you are able – Thank You.



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