UK: From 6/4/16 ALL Dogs Will Be Required To Be Microchipped – Good News For Dogs; Bad News For Puppy ‘Farms’ !

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SAV Comment – SAV very much welcome any process that will ensure lost dogs are reunited with their rightful owners.  We also very much welcome this incentive as a major route to the removal of puppy farms from the (UK) country, which this legislation will cause.  As a campaign group for Serbia, we would very much welcome the introduction of a national system in Serbia similar to this in the UK, but we do understand that corruption dominates everything in Serbia and that such a system is very unlikely.  In Serbia, all dogs could be microchipped at the same time they are sterilised, using funding support from the government and the vast contributions made financially by the EU – This process could apply to both owned and stray animals.  Owners of ‘owned’ dogs could be fined for allowing / turning their dogs out onto the street each day to reproduce with currently un sterilised strays.  It is not rocket science to introduce such a scheme; but sadly Serbian politicians and authorities seem very reluctant to do so – we think they call it ‘corruption’.  All the time animals are not sterilised, the process of yet more unfortunate, sad strays being born to a pitiful life on the street continues.  Sadly, the current Serbian system only pays dividends to authorities for each stray killed; rather than investing the money into sterilisation programmes to reduce numbers over time. 

Only when Serbian groups / shelters ALL pull together to approach the government about this specific issue will we ever witness any progress in Serbia.  Groups cannot do it on their own, and people elsewhere cannot forever keep putting their money into stray animal upkeep by these same groups when at the same time there is no combined pressure being applied by these groups on the government as a united force.

Serbian groups need to work together to achieve a result for animals and to get them sterilised and microchipped.  This is what has been done in the UK (the ‘microchipping alliance’) – see below.  The Serbian government will only act when they are given major opposition by this front of united animal welfare groups.  This needs to come from ALL aspects of Serbian animal welfare groups, not just the odd one.

Legislation in Serbia needs to come from groups and organisations right across Serbia, not from elsewhere.  The groups currently on SAV Facebook need to unite and be a governmental opposition force !


From 6 April 2016 all dogs in England, Scotland and Wales will be legally required to be microchipped and their details registered on one of the authorised databases such as Petlog. Northern Ireland has already introduced this measure.

The idea behind this move, which has been campaigned for by numerous animal pressure groups working collectively as the Microchipping Alliance, a group which includes the British Veterinary Association, the Kennel Club, the Dogs Trust and the RSPCA, is to encourage all dog owners to take responsibility for keeping their pet.

How the system will work

Under the law owners are obliged to keep (your) details up to date on the database. Police and local authority employees will be issued with microchip reader scanners so that instant enforcement of the law can be carried out. A time window will be allowed for the owner to get the chipping done if their pet is caught without a chip. After which a £500 fine for failing to comply will be issued. Full details of the change to the law will emerge over the next few months.

If you sell or otherwise pass the dog on, you as the previous keeper are required to register the new keeper (the wording used is ‘keeper’ rather than ‘owner’ with regard to microchips).

Similarly if our your dog dies, you must inform the database that holds your pet’s details.

Puppies must be chipped at their second set of vaccinations – and around the time they are weaned – at 8 plus weeks.

Why is there seen to be a need for this enforcement?

The majority of owners are naturally very caring and responsible about their dog, how they treat it and its behaviour in society. The dogs kept by such owners are often microchipped already, in order that they can be more easily reunited in the event of the dog being lost.

Unfortunately some people who keep dogs very clearly are not responsible enough to have the care of a living creature in their hands. For one reason or another, neglect, abandonment and abuse of animals is common place, as is the casual breeding of dogs as an ‘easy earner’ from breading puppies in unsuitable conditions in order to earn a few pounds selling them down the pub, to full scale puppy farming businesses.

*** One of the intentions of the legislation is that dogs coming from puppy farms and other unregulated animal breeding will also be traceable under the law. ***

Dogs are stolen quite frequently and it is hoped that microchipping will help in ownership disputes and quicken the process of reuniting those dogs with their real owners.

With microchipping, keepers and their dogs will have an official relationship, rather as they did under the old dog licence. Additionally, the modern technology of microchipping will not only help lost dogs be re-united with their families, it will also connect liable human beings to abused animals. Mistreatment of animals will still happen even if dogs are micrcochipped, but now there will be some redress against the perpetrator on behalf of society and – equally importantly – on behalf of the dog.

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National legislation by a united animal welfare front – good news for UK dogs !



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