France: finish medieval bear shows!

❌Urgend: We urgently need your support to enforce a ban on the cruel medieval bear shows in #France!


Like many other bears in France, 🐻Valentin has to serve torture shows all over the country.



He and many others of his kind must spend hours performing silly tricks in front of gaping spectators, like running on a ball or jumping over hurdles.



Together with Aves France and Fondation Brigitte Bardot, we are campaigning for a legal ban on these medieval bear shows. Help us, sign our petition:

#saddestbears #saddestbearsFrance
📸 © AVES France | FOUR PAWS / Fondation Brigitte Bardot


My comment:This is a kind of fascism, as well as any enslavement and exploitation of defenseless animals.

And this kind of fascism is even celebrated in public … in the markets … at events and folk festivals and nobody is indignant, who stands by it … on the contrary! it is still clapping and laughing ..

What a primitive idiot must be one, to have fun and enjoyment in the middle of a civilized country, France, when a bear is treated in chains like a piece of shit by a tormentor….



My best regards to all, Venus


One Response

  1. This primitivism is eradicated even in Serbia.And in an EU country, they shamefully worship that primitivism ?

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