China: Conditions On Rabbit (Fur) Farms As Exposed By Peta.

We start by showing you the excellent anti fur video from (UK) ‘Respect for Animals’ called ‘dumb animals’ – click on the following link:

respect logo

dumb animals fur coat

Then we move on to the new Peta campaign:

china rabbits 1

Think about how terrible it would be if you had a broken leg and you couldn’t go to the doctor—and no one cared. That’s the reality for these rabbits who are packed into urine-incrusted cages on a fur farm. They are left to suffer.

china rabbits 2

china rabbits 3

After living on a fur farm like this, rabbits arrived at the slaughterhouse. As seen in the new expose, workers left them to struggle and thrash wildly after smacking them on the head with the back of a knife, hanging them upside down, and slitting their throats.

They weren’t checked for signs of life before being skinned, and some were still kicking and twitching as the skin was torn off their bodies.

This happens because companies sell rabbit fur. Who could be so heartless? Find out and tell the companies to STOP selling fur now.


china rabbits 4

Until every cage is empty,

All photos are from Peta.



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