England: I Faced Off against the British meat industry.




Viva! Web Site – http://www.viva.org.uk/

I Faced Off against the British meat industry.


Now I desperately need your help to reach the British public…

Will you help save pigs from suffering? Donate now to help Viva! expose the British pig industry:

What I saw on a pig farm in Norfolk will never leave me. I sat and faced a sow with the bluest eyes I’ve ever seen. Like the majority of British mother pigs, she was temporarily incarcerated in a ‘rape rack’ – a cage so small she couldn’t even turn around – to be forcibly made pregnant.

I named her Blue. Looking into her eyes I made a silent promise that I would take her story from that farm and make millions aware of it. I need your help to do just that.

Watch the footage and take the Face Off challenge with me.

Factory farming in Britain happens behind closed doors. Consumers are rarely confronted with the reality of what they’re buying. That is why our ground-breaking Face Off campaign is so important. It is already changing the lives of people – and saving the lives of animals. We have taken our footage of pig cruelty onto British streets and the reactions are astounding.

Watch what the people of Bristol thought when they Faced Off against the British meat industry.

Now we need your help to reach even more. Please consider a donation to:

Help us take Face Off on the road to talk to people on the streets of towns and cities across Britain (we need to buy new equipment to show footage and print materials to help people change)

Gain more undercover footage of animal cruelty to publicise region by region

Reach people of all ages across social media sites, such as Facebook (every pound donated can reach over 1,700 people!)

Provide people with all the help they need to change their diet to save animals

I’m doing this for Blue – and the millions of other pigs factory farmed in Britain every year. Whatever you can donate will be put towards our campaigns to end animal suffering.

Thank you for your support.

Juliet Gellatley,

Viva! founder and director























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