Response To Our EU In / Out Post.

Lesley EoA_NEW

Update 25/2/16 – we have now sent copies of the video to ALL UK Members of the European Parliament (MEP’S).

This includes all English, Welsh and Scots.

Approximately 70 in total.


1074791_944847358931089_2464695890687572665_o (2)



All above photos – Eyes on Animals (NL).


22/2/16 – To further support our campaign, watch the new disturbing video of conditions for (EU) animals being transported to Turkey:


Breaking news – 1800 hrs 21/2/16

In one of the great capital cities of the world, London Mayor (Boris Johnson) delivers massive blow to David Cameron and gives his full support to the campaign to EXIT from the EU.

PMAF Inv 5


“Capitalism does not work when all have to eat.”
This is the EU’s applied philosophy.

And how does it work?
An EU Member is a capitalist who exploits the people after he was elected by exactly these people.
Financially all MEPs are part of the turbo-earners.
The basic salary of a deputy is 8021 euros per month.
After deduction of the EU tax remain of 6250 Euro.
If the European Parliament come together, a deputy gets for his participation in the consultations a daily allowance of 304 euros.
In order to rent an office and pay phone bills, he receives monthly 4299 Euro.
Every deputy receives each month for personal staff up to 21,209 euros!!.

Where does this money come from?
From indebted countries of the exploited, poor citizens.
The “bailout” run into millions of euros to poor countries, where every second citizen must live a month with the daily allowance of MEPs!!
After Greece is soon Portugal bankrupt, other countries are crying out for help.
There is no question whether the euro collapses – only when it’s done!
It is clear: the EU has failed.

And the animal welfare?

we cannot do anything,” or “we are not responsible” we get in response to millions of global protests:

– against the Romanian Dog Mafia,
– against the bullfights the EU subsidize with our tax dollars continued and even against our will,
– against the criminal idiocy of animal experiments
– against illegal crap stalls in the slaughterhouses of member countries.

As for the horror animal transport in the EU, one can speak of a criminal indifference and complicity on the part of the EU, which serves only the interests of the meat mafia.
For the EU animals were always “either wool or meat”, the sheep has never been of interest.

We have tolerated the ignorance and the indifference from EU for many years. And paid with billions.
Now all these must be stopped.
No to exploitation of human beings and animals, no to incompetent politicians,

No to EU!

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