Serbia: 21/2/16 – Latest News From Shelter Felix.

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celeste 1

Celeste’s loving elderly owner passed away four months ago and she had been living all alone at their once happy home ever since, spending her days waiting for someone who would never come back.

celeste 2

celeste 3

She was fed regularly by her owner’s nephew but she was shy, reserved and hardly ever left her hiding places behind the furniture. Eventually the apartment got emptied out and Celeste was trapped; her owner’s relatives couldn’t or didn’t want to keep her, so she arrived at the shelter the next day. She’s probably around eight years old, but she’s still unspayed and although she doesn’t look sick, she has bald patches on her back and sides. The vet says it’s caused by a combination of hormonal issues and stress and it should resolve itself when she gets spayed. She also has mammary gland hyperplasia, a benign condition in which an excessive amount of tissue grows, resulting in enlarged masses in the mammary glands; she needs to be spayed as soon as possible and she has to be tested for FIV and FeLV. For now Celeste’s living in a cage in a separate room, as she might not feel comfortable in the presence of other cats just yet and we are trying to spare her any further stress and upset. Despite being a little fearful, she is extremely affectionate and cuddly when she lets her guard down. Please, help us give Celeste the chance of living a long, happy and healthy life in which she’ll never be abandoned and alone again!


sneska 1

Almost three and a half months ago our lovely Sneska (whose kidneys were failing) was taken off of her meds which couldn’t help her get healthier anyway. She has CKD and her kidneys have been in terrible shape for months, causing uremic stomatitis which made chewing very painful for her.

sneska 2

sneska 3

However, she clearly showed us she was living a miserable life being pricked every day, so we decided to let her spend whatever time she had left the way she wanted, with no meds and no fear. To everyone’s huge surprise, she is still holding on, her appetite is good and she doesn’t look any worse than at the beginning of November – on the contrary, she is adventurous, sparkly eyed and happy:) Maybe true contentment does come from within…



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