Serbia: 26/2/16 – latest Update About ‘Celeste’ – She Has Now Had Surgery.

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celeste 1

See more about Celeste, including photos; on our post of 21/2/16:

cel 26 1

Celeste was operated on two days ago and it’s turned out that she was in a lot worse shape than we expected. She was initially supposed to have only a spay surgery, but she had multiple mammary tumors which should always be regarded as potentially malignant and the only thing the vet could do was to completely remove both of the mammary gland chains and associated lymph nodes. Celeste endured the massive surgery surprisingly well, but during the night she tore up the gauze bandages and we feared that she would rip out the stitches as well, so off to the vet we went again.

cel 26 2

Luckily, she hasn’t tried to take off the bandages since; she is being given antibiotics and painkillers and she began to eat yesterday evening. The bad news is that the long-term prognosis for a cat with mammary tumors is guarded, as up to 65% of surgically removed tumors reoccur within a year. Most of the kitties survive less than a year after being diagnosed with this life threatening disease, although there are always some fortunate ones which are able to fully recover and never have any additional problem.

cel 26 3

We’ll certainly do everything we can to help her overcome her ordeal, but only time will tell about the outcome. And it could have all been avoided had she been spayed in time… One way or the other, Celeste’s long and winding journey to happiness has just begun.

Please, help us make the rest of her life, which hasn’t been exactly an awesome one so far, as great as possible!




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