England: EU Live Exports To Turkey – Latest News 4/4/16.



Video link – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=udReHkAumrY&feature=youtu.be

Petition link – http://www.thepetitionsite.com/763/168/053/eu-commissioners-fail-live-animals-transported-to-turkey./?taf_id=22743166&cid=email_na

Firstly, we want to thank everyone who has supported, shared and signed the petition.

We have recently had confirmation from the EU that our (above) petition has now been passed through to the Committee on Petitions.  Please read more at  https://serbiananimalsvoice.com/2016/04/01/england-response-from-eu-regarding-turkish-live-export-petition/

On 4/4/16 we received another letter from the EU.  As you may recall, we recently wrote on the issue of live exports to Turkey from the EU to several senior EU figures.  See more on this at:  https://serbiananimalsvoice.com/2016/03/05/england-sav-now-formally-write-to-the-eu-regarding-eu-to-turkey-animal-transport/

The reply to ourselves is from Mr. Tusk.  As you can see from the copy of the letter which we include below, it is suggested that we contact the DG for Health and Food Safety of the EU, as this Commission includes animal welfare.  As stated, the policy of live animals being transported outside of the EU falls within the competence of Commissioner Vytenis Andriukaitis.  We were aware of this, and as you can see from our petition, his name has been included as 1 of 2 Commissioners who are included as recipients of the petition.

On the afternoon of 4/4/16, we made a phone call to the EU in Brussels, and we now have the specific name of the individual who works within this Commission and who is directly responsible for animal health and welfare.  We have a contact e mail and were advised to e mail the video and petition links to the person directly, along with a covering letter.  We were informed that we should have a reply to our submission within about 4 weeks.

We have immediately made contact with Lesley at Eyes on Animals in Amsterdam (NL), http://www.eyesonanimals.com/  and we are between us going to finalise a direct approach to presenting all the evidence (video, petition and covering letter) to the animal welfare person in the Commission.

As is clearly shown in the video, (EU) Regulation 1/2005 of the EU, which is supposed to give protection to animals during transport, is NOT being enforced for EU animals going to Turkey.  This is our main concern and will be the real specific issue which we aim to throw at the EU Commission who are responsible.

Below is a copy of the letter.  We will further update on progress in this campaign as it happens.

Regards Mark.


EU Letter 4th April 16 NO ADDRESS_NEW




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