England: Further Update Turkish Live Exports – 6/4/16.



Yesterday, 5/4/16, was hopefully a productive day in the campaign regarding live animal exports.

In the morning, Mark telephoned Mr. Marco Valletta at the EU DG (Commission) for Health and Food Safety.  Mr. Valletta is directly responsible at the Commission as part of Commissioener Vyetenis Andriiukaitis’ team with responsibilities which directly include animal health and animal welfare.  Please note that Commissioner Vyetenis Andriiukaitis is one of two people who we have addressed our petition to – see more at: http://www.thepetitionsite.com/763/168/053/eu-commissioners-fail-live-animals-transported-to-turkey./?taf_id=22743166&cid=email_na

In a parallel exercise, Lesley at ‘Eyes on Animals’ in Amsterdam (NL) had a meeting with the Dutch authorities as well as the EoA inspection team.  It should be remembered and hoped that the Dutch have very strong views about the current failures of EU live animal transport laws, and that we hope that during the Dutch EU Presidency which lasts until the end of June, they will make major progress with being able to change the system.  Please read more about this from one of our past posts –  https://serbiananimalsvoice.com/2016/01/23/netherlands-some-great-news-the-dutch-presidency-pleads-for-eu-action-for-animals/

Mark and Mr. Valletta had a good conversation, with Mark expressing his concerns especially about the situation for EU animals being exported live to Turkey.  He informed Mr. Valletta about all the evidence which was included in the excellent EoA video  – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=udReHkAumrY&feature=youtu.be    and was very surprised to hear back that Mr. Valletta had not actually seen the video !! – and this is the man at the EU Commission ultimately responsible for the welfare of animals !!

We know from Lesley that copies of the video were supplied to the Commission – why it was not seen by the man directly responsible for animal health and welfare in the Commission is anyone’s guess.

Mark sent a mail to Mr. Valletta in the afternoon which included both video and petition links for Mr. Valletta.  You can read a copy of Marks mail here –

Marco Valletta letter EU Tuurkey – SAV Copy

Lesley at EoA has been putting out some excellent articles and PR’s regarding the Turkish live exports situation.  You can see one here which is linked directly from the EoA website –  http://www.eyesonanimals.com/stop-tolerating-systematic-violations-international-law-exporting-livestock-third-countries/

Mark and Lesley communicated in the evening and it was decided that a formal copy of the EoA Turkish video should be sent specifically and directly to Mr. Valletta.  Not only will this allow him to see the cruel reality of the situation for EU animals exported live to Turkey, but it may provide Lesley with assistance when she next meets the Dutch authorities on this issue.

As Mark said to Mr. Valletta in their phone conversation, and as written in his mail to same; the individual EU member states firstly hold immediate responsibility for the enforcement of EU Regulation 1/2005 which should provide protection to animals in transport; but at the end of the day, it is the EU Commission who are ‘top of the pyramid’ and who should be prosecuting individual member states when they fail.  And as shown the video, they fail a lot !

This is where Mr. Valletta should come in as the official rep of the EU Commission.  Mark reminded him in conversation that he has animal welfare duties to enforce, and that we want to see something positive being done about the Turkish situation.  Mr. Valletta watching the video from EoA would be a very good first move !

We are now waiting to hear back from Mr. Valletta when he has seen the video and also had a review of the petition; which we have reminded him, has been signed by citizens of all EU member states.

Regards Mark.




cattle in manure

All photos – EoA Netherlands


2 Responses

  1. Great work, dear Mark, I congratulate you cordially!
    There is an initial success, that such an important EU parliamentarians was thoroughly informed of you, and more importantly, that Mr. Valletta is ready to talk.
    I think the situation is now taking a personal character and is on track.
    You have this campaign very well organized and managed, we can all hope that this intolerable situation with the continous animal abuse inTyrkei soon come to an end.
    best regards

    • Thank you Venus – we can only hope that actions will be taken.
      As you can read in ‘About Us’, I have been involved with live exports for over 25 years. Living in SE England and near to main roads heading to the Kent Channel ports, I used to see loads of it all the time. Sheep, calves, pigs – endless suffering during the misery of transportation. Going back 20 years or more, at Dover harbour on any Friday evening, it was not uncommon to see 32 livestock transporters taking their innocent cargo to Europe. We all campaigned long and hard over the years, and now it is virtually a thing of the past here; maybe 1 shipment of 4 or 5 trucks every few months; still to many for me but what a great improvement and hats off to all the dedicated crew who did their part to stop it. I detest live animal exports – it IS my pet hate; above anything else, and I will fight tooth and nail; for the animals who suffer this fate. It is still a massive fight in the EU, in Australia, from S. America etc, but in the end I am confident that compassion will win through. If we can get action on the Turkish exports, then great; money dictates everything and so I do not think the trade will stop; but this does not prevent the EU Commission from taking a lot more action and prosecuting member states where necessary for failing to adhere to the regulations. Lets see what happens next, but I am hopeful that we may get some positive news for the transported animals of Europe. Thanks for your kind words. Regards Mark.

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