21/4/16 – Important Petitions – Note New York Dog Meat Protest This Friday – See Below.

get involved 2

be brave

Petition 2

Save the habitat of 26,000 Humboldt penguins!

Chile wants to build two industrial ports in the habitat of the Humboldt penguin, endangering 13,000 breeding pairs of this vulnerable species. The first planned port has already been approved by the authorities. Local environmentalists fighting the project need international support: please sign our petition to have it scrapped.

Please visit


Thank you

Stop the Slaughter of Thousands of Rhinos




Attention New York are activists! There will be Protest against the South Korean Dog Meat Trade this Friday from Noon to 2pm in front of the United Nations Office (East 43rd Street and 1st Avenue).

Click below for more info: https://www.facebook.com/events/1735833516660409/


Colorado Parks and Wildlife officers killing hundreds of wildlife patients! Demand Change!


Justice for Baby the Bulldog


Ask Amazon to stop selling traps used to capture and torture animals!



Demand Tootie the Chimpanzee be Released to a Sanctuary


Ban Snares to Protect Hares



Costa Rica: don’t slaughter Hammerhead sharks that need protecting!


EBAY: stop selling the body parts of cats and dogs


Fish and Wildlife Service – Reconsider Wolverine Protections!


Stop the Horrific Ripping-Apart of Baby Foxes in Illegal Fox-Hunt ‘Cubbing’!


President Obama: Create the World’s Largest Protected Marine Area on the Planet



URGENT: Stop the Yulin Dog Meat Festival


Create & Implement an Animal Cruelty Registry in New Mexico


Prevent the Antibiotic Apocalypse – Ban Overuse in Farming!

. http://www.thepetitionsite.com/309/500/762/uk-prevent-antibiotic-apocalypse-ban-overuse-in-farming/

Wild Things: Stop Forcing Baby Tigers to Swim with Tourists






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