1 million endangered sea turtle hatchlings safely to the ocean. Celebrate !!


turtle earth day

This did arrive with us on 22/4 but it is only today, 23rd that we have published.  SAV.

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Dear Mark,

Today is Earth Day.  And since 71% of the Earth is covered in oceans, we consider this Oceans Day as well!

It’s a chance to celebrate all of the marine animals that we are working to protect.

And to say thank you. Your actions — and those of all of Turtle Island Restoration Network’s community members — are saving sea turtles, whales, dolphins and other ocean animals:

  • You have supported nesting beach protection projects in Texas, Nicaragua and Costa Rica that have returned more than 1 million endangered sea turtle hatchlings safely to the ocean.

  • More than 25,000 people so far have signed our petition calling for an end to the whale and dolphin-killing California Driftnet Fishery.  Legislation to phase out the fishery is currently in the California Senate!

  • More than 200 volunteers signed up with us to help monitor sea turtle nesting beaches in Texas, the most ever, and they found the first sea turtle nest of the season last week.

These are just a few of the victories for sea turtles and other ocean animals that you have helped us achieve!

So, from Turtle Island and 1 million hatchlings this Earth Day, thank you!

For the Oceans,

Erica Heimberg

Director of Development

PS – Want one simple thing to do for Earth Day today?  Like Turtle Island on Facebook, share our Earth Day hatchling and ask your friends to join us too!

turtle earth day

Adults – 1001 reasons why they need to be saved / protected

– Beautiful !!

turtle 1

turtle 2

turtle 3




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