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Close ‘Zoo of Death’ Before More Animals are Killed

Petition link –

Target: Phyllis K. Fong, USDA Inspector General

Goal: Close Baton Rouge Zoo where 21 animals have lost their lives this year alone.

Twenty-one animals died at the Baton Rouge Zoo this past year, the most recent being three monkeys that were attacked by two domestic dogs that broke into the zoo through lax security. The zoo itself is in bad condition, according to visitor Kerregan Layne. “Instead of seeing healthy, happy animals, people go in and see empty exhibits, animals who look depressed, and overgrown sidewalks.”


Use of wild animals in circuses banned by Dublin City Council

From our good friend John – Founder at ARAN:

Check this Irish news out guys!…/use-wild-animals-circuses-banned…

John Carmody


Animal Rights Action Network (ARAN)


Tel: 0872391646 Intl’ +353-87-2391646




Mandatory cctv in Scottish slaughterhouses ?? 

And from Martina:

Good news. We met with a representative of grassroots group of SNP (the ruling party in Scotland) and they want to work with us to submit a motion at party conference for govt to support mandatory CCTV

This will go forward in autumn.

It appears our campaigning over past few years and resulting public pressure has caused Scottish Ministers to consider moving their current position of hostility to the idea.

Slaughterhouse petition

BR, Martina


Mark –

The Gulf of Mexico is the most critical habitat in the world for the endangered Kemp’s ridley sea turtle.

Turtle Island is fighting for Gulf sea turtles as they face a myriad of threats to their survival – from the toxic aftermath of the BP oil spill to a deadly gauntlet of shrimp fishing nets.

Right now, we have the chance to expand federal protections for crucial habitat for the Kemp’s ridley sea turtle and other marine species.

Please take action now to support this proposal to expand the Flower Garden Banks National Marine Sanctuary.


Please click here to submit your comments supporting the expansion.

Comments are due in a few short weeks!

turtle island

turtle 1



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