Romania: Petition – Stop the killing of dogs in Breasta PS – Ask UK Ambassador To Help.


Petition – Stop the killing of dogs in Breasta PS

 Breasta dog


petition 1


Breasta PS have announced a cull of the dogs there.All sponsored dogs will be killed by the 8th August.

Starting with 50 new entry dogs and dogs without sponsors in 3 days time.

The rescue groups there are working hard to try to find spaces to get the immediate dogs in danger out, if not they will die on Monday.

But this killing will not stop there ,on August 1st 80 more will be in danger, but inbetween 250 more will face death.

The rescuers cannot keep finding spaces we need action to be taken to stop the killing in Breasta. 50 dogs young and old will die crudely they won’t be euthanasied. The mayor in Mizil has also announced the killing of 45 dogs there.

We need help to get this stopped and a solution worked out. Please helps get this petition to the attention of Paul Brummel the UK Ambassador in Romania who has visited Breasta PS.

Let’s ask him to intervene for the sake of these defenceless dogs.



25 Jul 2016 — So the 50 dogs that were condemned to death at Breasta today instead left on 2 transports to the safety of Curtea rescue shelter. But as they left the fight to save yet another group of dogs from death on Friday was on the way.
Please, please keep helping us and carry on signing and sharing .

Thank you.




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