Serbia: Crisis At Shelter Felix – Support Needed – Please Help.

Serbian Flag

SAV comment –  this situation shows yet again that the Serbian government and municipalities are not living up to what is required of them under Serbian law.  Thus they are not enforcing the ‘rule of law’ and so they are not suitable to be accepted into the EU, for which to become a member state, you have to show you are applying your own national legislations.

Will the EU consider this ? – who knows; does the EU care about animals in Serbia ? – certainly not if what we have seen for the last 11 years is anything to go by.  Will the EU continue to give money to Serbia for nothing in return ?? – probably.

Are EU citizens opinions and arguments listened to by the EU ? – certainly not; only Commissioners who do not represent the people are listened to.

The UK made the decision in June to leave the EU.  That is a certainty now  which has been made clear in the last few days by the British government.  At the end of Article 50 taking place, the UK will not be ruled by the un-elected masters of the EU.  Britain  will go it alone.  Already there are many signs that the UK is doing better post Brexit than it was when it was fully in the EU.

Other EU nations ? – well who knows.  Will they stay in the un-elected club or will their citizens have the guts to say ‘no’ and to get out ?

That friends is the question.

In the meantime, please help the cats at Shelter Felix with a donation if you can – thank you – SAV.




felix cartoon 2


It’s not only that we are seriously failing at raising the funds to cover the inevitable costs of the basic necessities of the large number of shelter cats, like we’ve been doing over and over again every month for ages, but it’s also turned out we have to fix (strengthen and renovate) the outdoor enclosure as soon as possible!

felix s1

felix s2

The links of our chain link fence are way too wide to prevent kittens and tiny adult cats from escaping through the wire and the six bottle babies are exactly proving our point, now that they are big enough to be released into the yard. Over the last few days that they have been out of the house, they’ve already squeezed through the wire mesh a zillion times and instead of having fun in the yard, they spend their time walking on the top wire mesh and screaming as loud as they can. Fortunately, they don’t dare to come down, at least for now (good for them) but their new pastime is not perfect either. Needless to say how worried we are about their safety, but it’s senseless to keep them locked inside the house for another couple of years.

felix s3

felix s4

felix s5

Please donate as much as you possibly can!

For reasons unknown, the following link has not been working.  We have now replaced it and hope all is ok.  This is the same link as at the end –  please use this one (at the end) if you still get problems – SAV.

Without your support we won’t be able to carry on for much longer and the shelter will sadly have to be shut down.

After all of these years of hard work, rescuing and caring, after all the tears and joy, failures and victories, the shelter cats will end up on the street again and will never get another chance.

We’re heading towards disaster although we’re fighting to save them with all our might, but we can’t do much on our own and we’re begging all of you to help us.

If not now, then when?



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