Actions For Lab Primates.


Dear Mark,

Around 10,000 non-human primates are used in experiments in the European Union every year. These tests are terrifying, traumatic, and often painful – and it’s time to phase them out.

Will you sign our petition urging EU officials to commit to ending experiments on monkeys?

The scientific world is constantly developing innovative new approaches to research that don’t involve animals – and they’re often cheaper and more reliable than experiments on animals, too. Setting a deadline for ending cruel tests in Europe would encourage even more investment in cutting-edge alternatives to animal testing – while saving thousands of monkeys from a lifetime of suffering in laboratory cages.

The Netherlands has already promised to replace tests on primates with humane, non-animal methods. Now, the European Commission is in the process of updating its policy on the use of primates in experiments, too. This is a key moment to call for change.

Please join more than 25,000 other compassionate people and add your name:

 Sign the Petition 

Thank you for everything you do to help animals.


The Science Team Campaigner PETA UK



AirBridgeCargo Airlines reportedly still ships monkeys to be used in cruel and deadly experiments.

The monkeys are crammed into small wooden crates and loaded into dark cargo holds for as long as 30 hours before being imprisoned in cages, cut open, poisoned, crippled, and killed in laboratories.

Considering that most major airlines in the world have already banned this cruel practice, it doesn’t take a pilot’s license to realize that those still shipping monkeys need a new flight path.

Tell AirBridgeCargo Airlines not to take off with monkeys!

For all animals,





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