NL: New Expose and Report From EoA Into UK Sheep Being Exported In Extreme Heat Whilst the UK and EU Politicians Turn Blind Eyes.



Video footage added 19/9/16.  This is footage of the same trail / investigation:


Please note all of our international friends that the following information and report (from our friend Lesley at EoA in the Netherlands)  has been sent to some Kent Members of Parliament, and also to Ministers at UK government Defra.  We expect no action to  be taken as always, but wish to show you the continuing support that the British Conservative government gives to convicted criminals under the guise of livestock hauliers such as the Dutchman J. Onderwater who makes up a large part of the following report.

There are government ministers in Defra, and we could name them now; who are conveniently turning a blind eye to all that is going on wrongly in the live animal export trade from the UK (Kent county) into Europe.  Government ignorance in the abuses are reaching crisis level; and so it would appear that in the very near future, further action will be taken.

As you can see in the following link, Mark used to be the KAALE EU rep; and so Onderwater and his illegal activities are very well known to both him and the animal welfare movement of Kent, even if Kent politicians and Defra turn the other way and ignore all the evidence presented to them.  No doubt, Defra will also ignore the report attached from Lesley – Defra have not acted in the past; did not act in the extreme heat of last week, and will no doubt not act in the future.  That is a Conservative government for you.

Here is why Onderwater is a convicted criminal in the UK:

This was proven by KAALE in a UK court of law, when, working in conjunction with Kent Trading Standards (KTS); on 5th July 2010 at Folkestone Magistrates Court, Kent, Onderwater Agneaux BV (Onderwaters company) pleaded guilty to no less than six (6) offences under the Animal Health Act 1981 of causing the transport of sheep in contravention of the Welfare of Animals (Transport) (England) Order 2006 and EU.

It would appear from Lesley’s investigation and report of the (Ramsgate originating) trail in recent weeks, that a leopard never changes its spots. Many instances and examples of EU transport regulations being broken; and a UK government and EU (named Bernard Van Goethem) who continually and completely ignore everything that is sent to them regarding animals abuses.

Can we really expect Mr Van Goethem to act when we have all witnessed his utter lack of guts and actions regarding all the evidence presented to him over the last 6 years of EU animals destined for slaughter in Turkey.

Watch the following videos and decide if you consider there is enough evidence.


Just like UK Defra, the EU continues to turn a blind eye to everything that the animal welfare lobby present to them regarding live animal exports. Call it a Conservative UK government, or call it the EU animal transport team headed by ‘Vet’ (yes allegedly a vet) Mr Van Goethem; both are as useless as each other. Onderwater is the winner, protected in his every move by the police of Kent, whilst the Kent citizen and taxpayer cannot get a policeman to visit when their house when required, as 50 or 60 of them are on duty every night at Ramsgate docks protecting this convicted criminal and animal livestock haulier going about his lawful (?) business. Kent police should bow their heads in shame, as should the UK government and the self appointed elite who consider they are most important for animals; but who are utterly ineffective at the EU.

The animal welfare movement of Kent now have a right to gripe and to expose the useless UK government and the EU for what they really are.   The video links above, existing EU regulations for animals in transport, and still we witness video evidence like this for animals destined for Turkey!! EU regulations which ban transporting livestock in extreme heat; utterly ignored by Defra and the UK government. So much for rules !

Here is the link from Lesley’s very recent (Ramsgate) report which involved trailing Onderwater and other Dutch transporters from the port of Ramsgate, here in Kent UK.




As Lesley says:

Dear EU ad MS officials, highway police, animal-transport organizations and fellow NGOs,

Please find attached a report about a sheep truck coming from the UK and heading via France, Belgium and the Netherlands to a Halal slaughterhouse in Germany, that we inspected in late August during a heat-wave.

We are not asking you to do anything, we have asked the English and Dutch authorities to look into this matter as you can see from the email below.  This is just for your information and to keep you informed of our observations.

With best wishes, Lesley Moffat

Lesley says she does not expect anything to be done – her investigations into Turkey exports in the above videos prove that the EU are useless. UK animal welfare campaigners certainly do not expect the current government to act – they and the EU are two blind peas from the same pod.

Please watch the videos above and decide for yourselves who is right and who is wrong.

Whatever, regardless of the incompetents who are in government, the campaigning will continue and the gathering of utterly clear evidence will continue to be obtained and presented to non- efficient governments and EU officials such as Mr Van Goethem; who has failed to act on the recent Ramsgate report also.

Politicians; well they can turn a blind eye continually; but in the end they can and will be replaced.

That cannot be said for the compassion of the animal welfare campaigner.



Above – an Onderwater transporter enters Dover harbour.  Hardly the best, but Defra think all is good and ok.  Who said about blind eyes ?






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