EU / UK: EU Master Plan To Make UK ‘Pay’ For Brexit – and To Make Negotiations So Hard It Will Remain As A Member State ??



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– The EU is supposedly comprised of millions of voting citizens each of whom have a voice in what goes on and how their Europe is run.  The reality is that there are just a few ‘elites’ named Junker and Tusk – who, along with their un-elected Commissioners; have total control over what really happens – an action or no action.  The people of Europe have no say in the end game.  EU citizens have their MEP’s, but they are just a list of names of people who in reality; have no final say or decisions in how the EU moves.  It is all really a major cover up by the EU elite to make the people of Europe think they have a say; when in reality they have no say about anything.

It would appear from the following that the EU leadership has some kind of secret strategy to make exit so hard for the UK to leave the EU that it will give up the negotiations and remain a member state.

In June this year the British people voted to get out of the EU; and the British people will make sure that is what happens.  The Brits are used to trouble and campaigns with Europe; we fought a few battles there in the past.  To Brits this is just another battle; and one which they are determined to get success with.  Other democratic nations and peoples around Western Europe are also now thinking the ‘Brexit’ way.  Elections in Germany and France next year will show in reality just how the people feel about their ‘democratic’ EU.

Currently this week, EU meetings are taking place with all member states except – yes you have guessed it – the UK; an uninvited but still existing and very much financially contributing member state.  At the moment the UK is still a full member state of the EU until it submits a formal ‘Article 50’ to leave.  But the Junkers and Tusks are making sure the UK is not now invited to any EU Party; as it is a bad boy and must be punished.  Who knows what the ‘masters of the EU’ are planning as retribution to the British people for speaking (and voting) out against them.

The people of the UK want the British government to introduce Article 50 as soon as possible; the formal submission which must be enforced to get exit negotiations under way.  The Brit voters have elected to democratically get out and away from the political elites of the EU named Junker and Tusk.  

The Brits want to do it as soon as possible – so lets get on and get Article 50 under way Mrs. May (UK Prime Minister).


Senior figures in the EU believe that Britain will give up on Brexit if they make negotiations as tough as possible, The Telegraph understands. 

One senior British official involved in the set-up for the coming negotiations said the EU elite “seem to think the game is to make us change our minds”.


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Just one reason for giving 2 fingers to the EU:





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