UK: ‘Brexit’ Actions May Prove Very Positive For Animal Welfare.

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We have been working hard re live animal exports.  Over the last week we have sent out copies of the UK – Germany export video made by Eyes on Animals.  We have been in contact with the UK government and supplied them with copies of some of the protests against the trade at Ramsgate harbour.  In addition, we have also written and supplied video links to the UK Minister at Defra, as well as to several Conservative MP’s asking them to take action against the trade.

In response to many of the above points we have raised; we have now been contacted by Lorraine Platt – Co-Founder of the Conservative Animal Welfare Foundation.

There are several points in the message from Lorraine which give us some hope.


You can see her article for the CAWF relating to live exports at

As we have said recently on this site; leaving the EU will give the people of the UK powers to improve animal welfare rather than have to put up with the excuses from Brussels that we have all experienced and the words that they tell us they can do nothing when provided with (for example) the clear breaches of EU Regulations at the EU / Turkish border.

If the EU does not have the balls to take action then we will have to go independent (Brexit) and as the people voted – take back our own controls from a very lack luster Brussels.

We are very encourage to read that the CAWF have made the following statement:

We urge the Government to introduce a Bill in Parliament to ban live exports so that the ban is ready to come into force on the day that the UK leaves the EU. We want people to speak up for the voiceless and tell the world: ‘Animals Are Not Freight’.

In addition to this, we also see the following points which may all have an influence on how the UK deals with live animal exports in the future:

  • There is increasing support for mandatory CCTV in all slaughterhouses: Conservative MP Henry Smith, Co-Chairman of the All Party Group for Animal Welfare in the House of Commons launched a debate calling for it, and Philip Hollobone MP led a Westminster Hall debate on non-stun slaughter which was well supported by MPs. The debate was triggered by 115,000 public signatures.

  • Another Conservative MP, Anne Main, recently introduced a Bill calling for better labelling to back British Farmers. During her speech in parliament, she said: ‘it is not right or fair that other European countries can dodge animal welfare issues, can hide anonymously behind inadequate labelling and at the same time undercut our farming industry.’

  • As the UK will soon no longer be bound by the EU’s free trade rules, the Government should ban the live export trade which over the years has caused immense suffering to our animals.

  • Lorraine will very soon be having a personal meeting with the Environment Minister; at which she will be bringing the issue of live animal exports to her attention again.

  • MP Craig MacKinlay has introduced a Bill to help end live exports. He joined animal welfare campaigners at Ramsgate port on 26th August. The Bill will have its next reading on the 4th November.

  • The videos made by Ian Driver at Ramsgate, and which you can see on this site, have also been tweeted on the CAWF twitter site.

We are hopeful at what we hear from CAWF.  Especially as this shows the once free from the do-nothing people and red tape of the EU, the UK will be able to go it alone and take back control of its own rules and regulations – free from the do nothing shakles of the EU.  Hopefully very positive news for animals and their welfare.

As we said after the result of the Brexit vote was known; UK animal welfare groups are not going to pack up and go home.  Quite the opposite – we hope that free from the control and restraints of Brussels, much higher welfare standards can be established and the UK can ensure that any trade deals set up between the UK and overseas partners will ensure that only the highest animal welfare standards are accepted.

This obviously does not solve the problem of all live exports; but we hope it may be a start towards some bans.  We also very much hope that out friends and fellow campaigners in the EU will see that nations can take back control, set their own rules, and get away from the no action top dogs called the EU which currently govern them.

The fight goes on but we see light at the end of the Brexit tunnel for animals due to be exported from the UK at least.  Other bans in the EU ? – that is up to other EU member states to decide if they stay or if they go from Brussels.




2 Responses

  1. I am interested in: if live export will be banned, do you will be content and satisfied with: export dead animal bodies ? Do you fight that animals be slaughtered in UK befor export ?
    But why you not fight against slaughters ? Animals are like a 3-4 years childrens , persons( there are scientiffical evidences for this). Why you not fight for their personality ? They ARE a persons.Humans are frugivores( there are scientiffical evidences). Slaughter childrens( animals ) is not acceptabled in 21. Century, slaughters whether befor or after transport, whether chtistian, judeo , islamic ones are not acceptabled , no one murder is acceptabled in 21.Century, no one has scientiffical acceptabled reasons. Slaughter animals( chlidrens) is the killing, murder, and nothing else..I understand that you fight for national buchers, national slaughterhouses interests..because you never write : we are against slaughters , against killing animals, but you wrote only against live export. and not against the killing. Why you think that animal ( 3-4 years childrens) like when some human kill them, Why you think that animals do not like Life ? Do you like Life ? then why you think that other persons like be killed? Is that :Because you believe humans always ate meat? and you believe that humans forever will eat meat. It is not true, no one…Was not like that( there are scientifical evidences in antropology that humans was fruits eaters wheil are frugivores who have nor enzyme uricase and even humans have not gene for uricase ) and nothing is forever,.bad habits , addiction must be corrected , that’s it, like smoking and narcomania.

  2. The unanswered question
    I’m very interested to know: not whether, but how we can solve the problem of Carnism?
    It seems to me that here someone is talking, who wrote story in animal welfare.
    Someone with knowledge, experience and especially in particular, someone like a great personality in the animal rights movement.
    It would make me very happy if this person can tell us (first), how we can convince tomorrow the 7 billion carnists of this planet, not to eat meat.
    Because that’s the first thing.
    Without this step, there is no reason to discuss, whether we slaughter before or afterwards.
    There is no reason to discuss whether we slaughter with manholes or without shafts.
    Whether the trucks must have water and feed for the animals and whether it is prohibited to transport the animals as if they were sacks of potatoes.
    All these problems would disappear automatically if someone could tell us the secret for the abolition of Carnism.
    It does not work? Not so easy?
    Then let’s try together to make it?
    Not tomorrow, not next year, but we want to try to achieve it with good planning and understanding it someday.
    Does someone think that we do not want it, because we do not love animals and do not believe in the revolution of tomorrow?
    Because we want to change the cruel reality not by moral lectures, but by small systematic actions?
    Then that someone can believe in Santa Claus.

    We believe in a better world for the animals by battle, not by senseless dreams.
    And this has brought some success to date.

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