Does Anyone Have Up To Date News On ‘Archie’ ?


We are putting out an appeal for information for one of our supporters in Sweden.  Can you help us ?

Back in August 2011 we posted the following on the (SAV) site about a dog named ‘Archie’ who had 2 of his legs chopped off by somebody.  Why ? – probably because he was a stray that they hated.


On behalf of our Swedish supporter, we are trying to find out any current news on Archie.  Is he still alive ?; is he being cared for somewhere ? – is he now at a shelter ? – if so, who and where ?

We are just trying to get any news we can so we can pass on – good or bad. 

We have never been given any updates from anyone despite trying to publicise the cruelty and suffering that this poor dog endured at the time in August 2011.


If you do have any info, please give it to us through the ‘Contact’ tab which is at the top of the page.

Thanks (in hope) – SAV.




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