Karakul Coat Production – Watch It If You Can – Then Pass On To The ‘Fashion’ Industry !



Karakul Coats: A Look at the Sacrificial Lambs

I got a lot of videos and news with photos in the last week.
All documented, as always, an incomprehensible suffering. The suffering of the animals.
A video made me particularly busy.
The video with the documentation of sheep and lambs.
In this documentation you can see how man has reached the lowest biological level and has developed into a piece of shit.

So I call someone, a piece of shit, which separates the still unborn embryo from the still living body of its mother and throws it on the ground.
Animal rights activists are often given the title of misanthrope, when they call animal criminals sadists, psychopaths, mental-murderers.
These are the philanthropists against misanthropes.

We live in a society of the so-called philanthropists.
The first rule of philanthropy is to love people.
No matter what they are: butchers, slaughterhouse workers, experimenters, furry owners, hunters, animal cruelties … all this is people you must love.
When I look at the following photos with the massacred animals and their executioners, I immediately think of the “philanthropists”!!

Everyone who has their hands full of the blood of animals, as first- or second hand animal-torturers, all of which are the “philanthropists”, that is, someone who pretends to love his fellow human beings.
As soon as someone denies this “man” the title of man, one is a misanthrope.
As soon as one criticizes and detests the whole society (with very few exceptions) as a perpetrators society, one is even a radical misanthrope!!

 After this last video and many other videos I saw during my fight for the rights of the animals, I can say: my fellow men have done everything so I hate them.
It is not just the first-hand animal cruelties that force me into this hatred,; it is a whole sick society that grows with every day, and with it animal brethren, sadism, the brutal exploitation of the animals.
A society that has long since become the bearer of fascism against the weak.
This society deserves my hatred.





Karakul Coats: A Look at the Sacrificial Lambs

They may think they look good – but probably thick heads who do not even know how what they are wearing was produced.

This says a lot for the so called fashion industry.

As we say with fur – It takes up to 40 dumb animals to make a fur coat – but it takes only 1 to wear it.



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