England: Pain In The Bum For Better Animal Welfare.

Hi everybody;

It is great to see that we have so many visitors to the site from all corners of the globe – on the main page left, below all the monthly totals, you will see our ‘clustrmap’; or world map showing where all our visitors are located.  If you click on the map, you should be given a bigger view plus additional figures for visitors.

We have taken note of the Poll results to date and we will continue to cover global issues.  Saying that, you may find that we are giving a bit more weight to Far Eastern campaigns as we feel this is an area which is really growing for animal welfare and which we can inform and give our support to.  Bear Bile farming being one such example.

You can backtrack through our big library of past posts by going to the months under ‘Archives’ which is on the left side of the main page.  These go right back to December 2005 when we had just 1 post that month.  As you can see from the archives, posts numbers have grown over the years to a point where we are probably putting out 2 or 3 posts most days of the month; so things have grown a bit since December 2005 !!

Thank you for visiting us, and keep coming.  If you are unhappy about anything or think there is an issue or issues that we have ignored, then please drop us a line using the ‘Contact’ tab at the top of the page.

We have a General Election here in the UK on 8th June; so issues such as the ban on hunting are sadly once again under threat due to comments made by some political parties.  But we are ready and working on it, and will fight tooth and nail to keep the hunting ban.

The UK is getting a lot of threats from the EU as we voted to leave last year – the first nation ever to pack up and get out of the EU club.  Although they are trying to play the nice card often, the EU is unhappy with the UK and will try to punish us for daring to leave.  If Brussels did what EU regulations said and they also listened to the citizens of Europe, then maybe we would still be members.

Anyway, we have voted to leave and things are under way.  We will take back control under UK law rather than EU law; and so for example, we should be able to get a UK ban on live animal exports; which we have not been able to do to date because of EU legislation overriding the UK government.

Great to see you all, and please let us know if you want us to do anything special or you have a gripe with the site.


When we feel it is necessary we try to be a pain in the bum to officials wherever they may be located.

We label it as ‘campaigning’.  We cant just sit by and watch animals being abused.

As the animals say:

So we try to do something – it ain’t always quick but we fight.

Best wishes – Mark and the crew.




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