India: More Truly Inspiring Animal Rescue Videos From the Superb Team At AAU – Watch Then Donate Please !


Dear Mark,

Rejoice and be proud of the wonderful rescues you helped us achieve during the past two months.

This is a team effort–and as a supporter, you’re behind every smiling face and wagging tail.

Each video you see here has a beautifully HAPPY ending, so don’t be afraid to open them–we know you’re going to find these extraordinary stories of healing and hope absolutely uplifting!

SAV Comment – very sad starts; but every video ends up showing what can be done to help animals in so much need if people are prepared to accept that they are sentient beings just like us – they hurt, they suffer; but with the brilliant work of the team at AAU each and every one of these stories has a very happy ending.  So don’t be afraid to watch – see what can be done for animals when the right, caring people come along.


IMPORTANT – Please go to the end of this post and make sure you give a donation to help AAU saving very sick animals – thank you.


Miraculous recovery of a wounded street dog collapsed in a ditch

When we got a call on our helpline to rescue an injured street dog we found an emaciated and almost life-less old dog in a sewage drain. She had a massive wound on the side of her neck infested with maggots and she was too sick to get out of the sewage water she had fallen in. She was utterly hopeless and had we not been able to rescue her just then, she would have certainly died right there in that drain, possibly within just another hour or two.

We rushed her back to Animal Aid Unlimited’s shelter and began her intensive treatment which would continue over the next 6 weeks.

Shanti wouldn’t be alive today if not for your generous help. She would have died alone, confused, in terrible pain and so scared in that awful sewage drain. The suffering she was enduring when we found her was unimaginable and something most of us will never come close to experiencing in our whole lives. Thanks to your help we were able to stop that suffering and replace it with comfort, healing and love.


We won’t let you die! 5 animals rescued from unbelievably close calls


Several of the animals you’re about to see in this video were going to die within hours and maybe within minutes–and in truly ghastly ways. But we got there in time, all hands on deck. And you–donors and supporters–you gave what it took to add people power, machines, vehicles and know-how.We’re pretty sure your heart will overflow for these incredibly brave animals.

The choice to make the world a beautiful place is ours.

Please donate today.

These animals were truly inches and moments from death. It’s hard to imagine their fear and suffering, as

they came so close to tragedy. And their relief when they were saved is unforgettable.

Your heart is sure to overflow seeing these 5 beautiful animals saved.


Love wins after a beautiful dog was attacked with acid

Unimaginable pain seared through her when this sweet girl was viciously attacked with acid. All the layers of her skin down to the muscle dissolved. When we rescued her, we promised her she’d have our love forever.

We worried that such cruelty might have permanently hurt her soul. But watch how Honey responded to love.


Udaipur’s police are becoming animal protectors

Most Indian police are not familiar with animal protection laws because the public rarely reports cruelty to animals. But Animal Aid helped make sure that Udaipur’s police ARE familiar with the laws. In April, we organised a workshop on animal protection laws for police officers in Udaipur, covering how to stop illegal cattle smuggling and slaughter, cruelty to street dogs, wild life poaching, and other critical issues. Outstanding presentations by People for Animals and Humane Society International, India, provided them with information and inspiration. The officers care about animals and Udaipur’s future of region-wide compassion has grown in a profoundly important direction.


Her beauty was locked inside a painful shell

Locked inside what was almost literally her shell, this street dog had such severe mange that barnacle-like crusting was taking over her body. Starving, her pain excruciating and weary from the itchiness caused by mange mites under her skin, this girl was close to giving up.

But that was then.

Healed, spayed, vaccinated, and loved, meet Cherry today.


From “Why won’t my legs work?” to “I’m walking!”

Hit by a car probably just a few hours before we got the call on our rescue helpline, this little sweetheart couldn’t understand why his back legs just would not work. You can see it in his eyes from the first moment, his profound innocence and confusion. It doesn’t happen very often but sometimes, when nerve damage is caught early and intensive treatment and physical therapy is started right away, there can be reason to hope, and that’s what Georgie did. He hoped.


Now get your cash out !

Now you have seen all the excellent work by the team at AAU, is it not worth giving them a donation to help continue with their amazing rescues ?


Click on the following link to donate thank you – from SAV and the entire team at AAU.




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